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Coffee cultivation in a changing climate

Steege, H.M. ter (2021) Coffee cultivation in a changing climate. Bachelor thesis.

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About a 100 million people are dependent on the cultivation of coffee (Bunn et al., 2015). The process of coffee production is one with a very high water footprint. Most of the water consumed is green water, but as a result of a changing climate it is suspected that there will be more blue water involved in the process of coffee production (Chapagain and Hoekstra, 2007). The aim of this research was to investigate how the water footprint of coffee production is affected by climate change. This is done by answering the research question “How does climate change influence the water footprint of coffee production and what are the implications for future coffee production?” By the use of different spatial and statistical analyses, it is concluded that the areas in which coffee cultivation can be executed will decrease significantly. Another process is that these areas are moving outside of the current coffee cultivating countries. The result is that many plantations will suffer from the changing climate, and that there should be looked into smart methods for coffee cultivation regarding water consumption and heat stress. This, to ensure the water footprint of coffee cultivation and production is brought down. Next to this, awareness should be raised about the water footprint of every cup coffee consumers consume.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
Degree programme: Spatial Planning and Design
Supervisor: Mallon, G.
Date Deposited: 21 Apr 2021 11:51
Last Modified: 21 Apr 2021 11:51

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