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Strategies for increasing adoption of green roofs in the Netherlands

Prins, Per (2021) Strategies for increasing adoption of green roofs in the Netherlands. Master thesis.


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In the Netherlands, green roof technology is not yet widely adopted. It is well-established that green roof technology not only contributes to mitigation of the increasing climate change impacts such as increased peak precipitation and heat waves, but also have an abundance of other benefits. This study aims to determine how potential adopters can be better targeted to increase green roof technology adoption. Specifically, it investigates what institutional strategies can facilitate an increase in adoption of green roofs. To study the green roof adoption process, a mixed-method approach was applied. This comprised of expert interviews with frontrunners on green roof adoption in the Netherlands and content analysis of relevant documents. The results showed a misalignment in the costs and benefits for the potential adopter, complexity in applicating for subsidies and the need for a change in incentives. These results suggest that, for the increase of green roof technology adoption, the potential adopters should be compensated for the benefits they provide others. Furthermore, they should be assisted in the adoption process by specialist. Additionally, there is a need for integration of adaptation and mitigation policy.

Item Type: Thesis (Master)
Degree programme: Environmental & Infrastructure Planning
Supervisor: Puerari, E.
Date Deposited: 15 Jul 2021 09:01
Last Modified: 15 Jul 2021 11:48

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