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Adjei-Cudjoe, Benolia, B (2022) The Potentials, Risks, and Insights gained from Indigenous Planning on Degrowth in Ghana. Master thesis.

Altenbach, Franziska (2022) Energy storage in a Positive Energy District - Conditions for the use of Pumped Hydro Energy Storage in Austria. Master thesis.

Altenburg, David (2022) The effects of dual carriageway development on nearby house prices: Evidence from the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Andonov, Robin (2022) Differences between Yugoslavian migrants and the native population in terms of subjective well-being. Bachelor thesis.

Andringa, Charissa (2022) Property of the future - A research into factors influencing the value of virtual land. Master thesis.

Assen, Daniël van (2022) Comparative policy analysis of delta cities Rotterdam, New Orleans and Freetown: Justice in climate change mitigation and adaptation plans. Bachelor thesis.

Ausma, Yaron I. (2022) The relation between Urbanization and Job Polarization in the European Labour Market between 1998 and 2018. Master thesis.


Beccaria, Bartolomeo (2022) Perception of bicycle parking conditions and the quality of life of the residents in the inner city of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Beelen, Danique van (2022) Monetary and Non-Monetary Values of Energy Efficient Attributes in Residential Property: Do They Match? Master thesis.

Beers, Tim van (2022) Sale of social housing: market impacts and trends in the province of Groningen. Master thesis.

Belder, Christiaan (2022) The effect of different financing methods on the long term financial feasibility of energy efficiency retrofits creating positive energy buildings. Master thesis.

Berg, Thijs van den (2022) Religion and Climate Change. Bachelor thesis.

Berghof, Anouck (2022) Sustainable Carnaval: The possibilities of municipalities to plan for the sustainable development of waste during Carnaval. Pre-master thesis.

Bertrand, Hugo (2022) An analysis of the opportunities and challenges of Tiny House adoption in the northern Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Bieleman, Martin (2022) Immigration and the Geography of Discontent: The Role of Immigration in Far-Right Voting across EU-Regions. Master thesis.

Blankena, Celine (2022) Building Flood Resilience on a Local Level. Master thesis.

Bloem, Remco (2022) Car-sharing as a contributor to mobility, climate, and spatial planning policy targets. Bachelor thesis.

Bollingerfehr, Pia (2022) Towards climate-resilient cities: Overcoming the barriers of blue-green infrastructure mainstreaming. Master thesis.

Booiman, Damin (2022) Enhancing the Climate Adaptiveness of International Rail Corridors: Applying Policy Translation as a Concept to Formulate a Transnational Strategy. Master thesis.

Bosma, L. (2022) Subjective well-being during the transition to motherhood: A comparative study between natives and immigrant women in the Netherlands. Pre-master thesis.

Bouma, A.W. (2022) Influence of the COVID-19 Crisis on Housing Preferences of Homeowners in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Bouwmeester, Sven (S.D.J) (2022) Tenant satisfaction and the investment performance of Dutch Real Estate. Master thesis.

Braam, Klaasje Trynke (2022) Governing self-governance - Identifying barriers for Dutch civic solar energy co-operatives in the municipal governance approach. Master thesis.

Breed, L.A.J. (2022) Public Participation or Financial Compensation? - An Analysis of Dealing with Social Impacts in the Project 'Windpark Wieringermeer'. Bachelor thesis.

Brouwer, Elzemieke (2022) Combining environmental and intrinsic benefits of parks in planning: a case study of Groningen and Berlin. Bachelor thesis.

Brugma, Laurens (2022) The effect of the changes of the student-loan on the inter-regional migration of students. Master thesis.

Bruinsma, Nils (2022) Transferring by plane or train: A transition perspective on barriers to air-rail integration. Master thesis.

Budinic, Victor (2022) 'How can we green this up?' Bottom-Up Initiatives for Identifying, Improving, and Maintaining Green Space Developments in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Buitenhuis, Gijs (2022) Transforming vacant retail to housing: Experiences from owners and house prices in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Master thesis.

Bulthuis, Mehdi, M,A, (2022) The impact of the announcements of the Feyenoord City project on nearby house prices: a case study on announcement effects. Master thesis.

Burgler, Jesse (2022) Regional Energy Strategies for Local Energy Initiatives. Master thesis.

Burgsteden, Lara Ann van (2022) (Rechts)grond voor uitgifte. Master thesis.

Burhenne, Rowin (2022) The inclusiveness of children in urban high-rise neighbourhood policies. Bachelor thesis.

Buser, Maaike A. (2022) Planning with uncertainties: an explorative research on policy-making for sustainable urban logistics. Master thesis.

Bussel, Tara van (2022) Van conventionele naar hernieuwbare energieproductie: Wat is de invloed van de energietransitie op de werkgelegenheid binnen de energiesector van Groot-Rijnmond? Master thesis.


Cate, Meike Josien ten (2022) Do those opposing wind parks suffer worse health effects? Bachelor thesis.

Cekrezi, Eriko (2022) Children’s wellbeing in Woonerf residential streets: “ A comparative research between Woonerf and High-traffic residential streets”. Master thesis.

Cerny, Simon (2022) The effects of migration on rural population decline: A case study of Northern Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Charalambides, D. (2022) How are floating houses priced in relation to comparable on-land housing? Evidence from Portland, USA. Master thesis.

Concannon, Tom (2022) Addressing Car Dependency in Galway, Ireland: A Time for Change? Master thesis.

Craats, Daan van de (2022) The social impacts of airport expansion: The case of Lelystad Airport. Bachelor thesis.


Dakovski, Stefan (2022) The Effect of Citizenship on the Social Integration of Migrants in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Dallinga, Karsten (2022) Spatial quality in area-oriented road infrastructure projects: The effectiveness of procedural arrangements. Master thesis.

Delden, S. van (2022) In my back yard? Community Acceptance of Local Energy Initiatives. Master thesis.

Delft, Joey Levi van (2022) International Student Feedback on Support Methods within the University of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Derksen, Michiel (2022) The relationship between populist voting behaviour and residence in proximity to refugee centres in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Diffené, Franziska Leonie (2022) The transition into motherhood from a life-course perspective: A comparison across first-generation immigrants in Germany. Master thesis.

Dijk, Ilse van (2022) CULTURE IN A CLIMATE CHANGE FUTURE: A case study of the Danish Wadden Island Fanø. Master thesis.

Dijk, Remco van (2022) The influences of the Covid-19 lockdown on migrant and native fertility intentions. Bachelor thesis.

Dijkstra, Daniël (2022) Sustainable development through bottom-up initiatives. Bachelor thesis.

Dijkstra, E.T.A. (2022) Strengthening spatial quality in regional flood risk management in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Dijkstra, Jildert (2022) Psychological planning: Examining the relation between the neighbourhood and mental health. Bachelor thesis.

Dimmendaal, Twan (2022) Afraid of becoming homeless; the effects of a housing crisis on international students. Bachelor thesis.

Dixon, Faye Christina Morris (2022) Between tradition and individualism: the sheng nu (leftover women). Master thesis.

Dommele, Maarten van (2022) The spatial relation between housing growth and nature in the Northern Netherlands between 2000 and 2020. Bachelor thesis.

Donkers, Bas (2022) Energiearmoede in Nederland: mogelijkheden voor gemeenten. Master thesis.

Dumoulin, Victorine (2022) Understanding climate adaptation policy dynamics: an overview of effectiveness of Dutch policy design regarding water robustness. Master thesis.


Echten, Sander (2022) The role of older adults in the participation process of new housing estate. Bachelor thesis.

Eegdeman, Lieke H. (2022) Geothermal energy as part of the energy transition in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Eghuizen, Niek (2022) The effect of flooding risk on residential property prices: First implications after the 2021 floods in The Netherlands. Master thesis.

Eisen, Dax (2022) Frail elderly: a study about the subjective wellbeing factors when choosing a location of care in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Elings, Seilina Kartika Vitali (2022) Capability approach: Women's perceived unsafety in the urban environment and their capabilities. Bachelor thesis.

Engels, A.R.W. (2022) Neighborhood environments in relation to wellbeing. Pre-master thesis.


Faber, J.Y. (2022) Children’s participation in urban planning. Bachelor thesis.

Farber, Alec (2022) A Tale of Two Mayors. Bachelor thesis.

Feen, J.F. van der (2022) Ageing in or out of place? A mixed-methods study into “ageing in place” in the Oosterparkwijk in Groningen. Master thesis.

Feenstra, Tialde (2022) Working towards local sustainability? Bachelor thesis.

Feldkamp, Daan (2022) The effects of foundation quality on residential housing value; a case study of the municipality of Rotterdam. Master thesis.

Ferreira Lok, Ida Valentina (2022) Private actors' role in creating trust: Stadshavens redevelopment project. Bachelor thesis.

Fielt, Julia (2022) Enriching urban river landscapes: increasing spatial quality in flood risk management practice - the case of Stadsdijken Zwolle. Master thesis.

Flap, Merel (2022) Community Centers and the Future of Social Cohesion. Bachelor thesis.

Fokkens, Boelo Jan Roelof (2022) Home away from Home - An Investigation into the feelings of home and belonging of international students in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Folkertsma, Wierd (2022) Different degrees, the same causes? Analysing the mechanisms underlying the degree of job polarization across NUTS-2 regions. Master thesis.

Fonk, Karolin (2022) Boundary Spanning in the planning process of Marine Protected Areas. Master thesis.

Foyle, Rory (2022) How do cul-de-sacs affect livability in city neighbourhoods? Bachelor thesis.

Fransen, L. (2022) The promise of cycling for a reduction in car mobility in the Netherlands. Master thesis.


Gaemers, Madeleen (2022) How Regional Energy Strategies affect resilience ion the Netherlands: a comparison between the Northern RES regions Groningen, Friesland, and Drenthe. Bachelor thesis.

Gerritsen, Emma (2022) The design logics behind Dutch cycle highways. Master thesis.

Geurts, Marijn (2022) The effects of spatial elements of urban shared spaces on the subjective safety of elderly cyclists and pedestrians. Bachelor thesis.

Godier, Christopher (2022) The Response of Railway Planners to the Risks of Flooding Caused by Climate Change: A comparative case study between England and The Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Gooijert, Kevin (2022) Benefits from impact assessment in development projects for vulnerable groups. Bachelor thesis.

Gool, Dynamie S. van (2022) Older Adults Accessibility to the City: A Case Study about the Grote Markt in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Grol, Anton (2022) De gezondheids- en sociale impact van energiearmoede. Master thesis.

Grosse, Nienke (2022) The municipality as landlord-investor in the housing market. Bachelor thesis.


Haasdijk, Carmen (2022) Towards a child-friendly environment and child-inclusive governance. Bachelor thesis.

Haaze, Yorick (2022) Bridging the gap between the project and its environment: An explorative study on boundary spanning within Dutch infrastructure projects. Master thesis.

Halsema, J. (2022) The Effect of Women’s Rights on Emigration Patterns among Working Age Women within the EU-27 Countries. Bachelor thesis.

Hannema, Patrick (2022) How the worms in Amsterdam benefit the social cohesion. Pre-master thesis.

Harbers, Anna (2022) Linking health inequalities of outcomes and opportunities: The association between socioeconomic status, health-related quality of life and health care utilisation of Q-fever patients who experience long-term health consequences. Master thesis.

Hasan, Farhia (2022) Experiences with accessing maternity care in the Netherlands, perspectives from Somali born women in the province of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Hassan, Tarnim, T. (2022) Doughnut Urbanism: An assessment framework for urban development through a Doughnut Economy perspective. Master thesis.

Have, Tess F. ten (2022) MAKING HEAT NETWORKS HOT - Understanding the barriers to connecting to heat networks and how to overcome them. Master thesis.

Haveman, Niels Willem (2022) The policy (intention -) implementation gap in the Environment and Planning Act for citizen participation. Pre-master thesis.

Havinga, T. (2022) The impact of internal migration on fertility. Bachelor thesis.

Havinga, Teun (2022) Regional triple helix cooperation’s in climate change related innovations: great contributors or organizational nightmares? Bachelor thesis.

Heide, Thomas van der (2022) Labour market impacts of XL real estate. Master thesis.

Heikens, Maarten (2022) Partnership as flywheel, for improved performance - A comparative study on PPPs in office building projects in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Heisel-Sure, Yannik (2022) How to Protect the Great Barrier Reef? A Possible Shift Towards More Integrated Land-Sea Planning. Master thesis.

Hermes, Tom (2022) Factors Influencing the Choice of Transport Mode among Students:. Master thesis.

Hoeft, Allison (2022) Moving Towards Coexistence with Otters (Lutra lutra) in Lower Saxony. Master thesis.

Hoeven, D.P.W. van der (2022) Appraiser-based automated valuation: A case study of valuing buy-to-let properties in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Hofstra, Else (2022) The Role of Geographical Proximity in University-University and University-Industry Collaborations. Bachelor thesis.

Holzer, Philipp (2022) Soaking Up Nature Based Benefits. Benefit Assessment of nature-based stormwater management in a comparative case study on London, Hamburg and Rotterdam. Master thesis.

Homans, Gijs Willem (2022) Construction of a new ring road in the southern part of Groningen: How are potential social impacts managed? Bachelor thesis.

Hoomans, Nynke (2022) The relationship between attractiveness of retail areas and their performance. Master thesis.

Hopman, Joëlle (2022) A one-bedroom apartment in the Randstad, or a bigger house in Groningen? A mixed-method study on the possible impact of housing- and rent prices on the residential location choice of future graduates from Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Horlings, Thom (2022) Developing a framework for the municipality of Alkmaar to translate the findings of POCITYF in an effective climate vision for 2050. Master thesis.

Houthooft, Coen (2022) The self-preceived mobility of older adults in Groningen. Master thesis.

Houwers, Joost, J.J. (2022) The relationship between the distance from car-free zones and the value of housing prices. Pre-master thesis.

Houwing, Bas (2022) Engineering in the planning discipline. Systems Engineering for area-oriented redevelopment of ageing infrastructure Author: Bas. Master thesis.

Huizer, Lars (2022) Sight & Safety: a Case Study on the Effect of the Urban Environment on Fear of Crime, Visual Proximity and Walking Behaviour. Bachelor thesis.

Hurenkamp, Roan (2022) Quality perception of demand responsive transport. Bachelor thesis.

Hutzezon, M. (2022) Citizen participation in the new Planning and Environment act. Bachelor thesis.


Iwaarden, Gonneke van (2022) “Learning culture and the way this influences critical skill loss concerning legacy”. Bachelor thesis.


Jankowski, Filip (2022) Reconstruction of Cities and its effects on Present day, on the example of Berlin and Warsaw. Master thesis.

Jerkovic, Eva Lin (2022) Managing tourism for a better quality of life. Bachelor thesis.

Jeruseviciute, Greta (2022) An Exploratory Research on Urban Street Experiments and Transitions in Urban Mobility. Master thesis.

Jocker, Florens (2022) The Role of Citizen Participation in the Implementation of a Circular Economy in Amsterdam, Melbourne, and New York City in Response to Climate Change. Bachelor thesis.

Jong, Niels de (2022) The relationships between the perceived built environment, perceived safety, and travel satisfaction in Dutch rural areas. Bachelor thesis.


Kaden, Ina Muriel (2022) Female Safety Perception, the Built Environment, and Behaviour Choice. Bachelor thesis.

Kamerling, Daël (2022) The two sides to climate change adaptation: Assessing the potential and risks of climate change adaptation in San Francisco, California. Master thesis.

Kamphuis, Bouke (2022) Does introducing an e-moped scooter sharing system result in lower carbon travel mode choices? Bachelor thesis.

Karasev, Nikita (2022) Unifying different sustainability wishes - A case study on self-build cohousing initiatives in Amsterdam. Master thesis.

Kauffmann, T.J. (2022) At the interface of top-down and bottom-up: how do local governments and citizen initiatives collaborate successfully in the realization of a heat grid in Groningen? Bachelor thesis.

Kaźmierczak, Oskar (2022) May I park here, or what is it we imagine a park to be? Investigating the perception of urban parks among Polish local government officials. Bachelor thesis.

Keijzer, Coen (2022) The quest for spatial quality. Master thesis.

Kell, Henrik (2022) Researching the Relationship between Place Attachment and Attitudes towards Wind Turbines in the Wadden Sea Region of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany - A Case Study in Dithmarschen and Eiderstedt. Bachelor thesis.

Kelly, Louis-Thomas (2022) Planning to Remember: Determining contested public memory at Amsterdam’s Indië-Nederland Monument and reflecting on counter-memorial spatial intervention. Master thesis.

Kemmerling, Jonas (2022) Young Adults’ Housing Tenure Choices after Leaving the Parental Home: An Empirical Analysis Based on the German SOEP. Master thesis.

Keuneke, Lilian E. (2022) The effect of current housing market conditions on the quality of life of students in Berlin. Bachelor thesis.

Kiewiet, G.J. (2022) The different types of student residences in the city of Groningen; How do these influence the well-being of students? Bachelor thesis.

Kleef, Jordi van (2022) The Cost of Wars: A quantitative approach to the relation between war and economic growth. Master thesis.

Klein, T.H. (2022) The Great Recession in Spain and the short- and longer-term health effects of this crisis for people aged over 50. Using SF-12 physical and mental health scores in SHARE. Master thesis.

Kleszczewski, Michael (2022) Exploring the benefits of Nature-based Solutions and citizen involvement in Meerstad, Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Klimp, Déan (2022) Advancing Green Cities - Through Participation. Master thesis.

Klomp, Robin (2022) Car Dependency & Alternative Travel Behavior at the ASU Campus. Master thesis.

Kluivingh, Minke (2022) Design to encourage physical activity: A case study on the environment of secondary schools. Pre-master thesis.

Knor, Anton (2022) Identifying barriers and opportunities for the local implementation of urban multi-layer safety towards flood resilience. Master thesis.

Koekkoek, Yves A. (2022) Growing demand for childcare; the effect of childcare centres on housing prices in England. Master thesis.

Koldijk, H.B. (2022) Studying Abroad, Residential Location In A City Matters - Thesis on housing preferences and choices of international students in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Kolowa, Tamilwai J. (2022) Association of informality and sprawl in rapidly growing African cities. Master thesis.

Konopinska, Marta K. (2022) Towards more healthy cities: Analysing the relationships between well-being, COVID-19 pandemic, and public spaces. Bachelor thesis.

Kooistra, Marije (2022) Perceptions of accessibility; interpersonal and spatial patterns of perceived accessibility in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Koopman, Bas (2022) Geographical inequalities in life expectancy across US States between 1999 and 2020 Assessing contributions of age groups and causes of death. Master thesis.

Korporaal, Jacko (2022) Daily travel behaviour amongst residents in the north of the Netherlands: Assessing the effect of sociodemographic, psychosocial, and built environment factors. Master thesis.

Koster, Jos (2022) Proximity to Water and Residential Property Values: Evidence From The Netherlands. Master thesis.

Kramer, Kornelis (2022) FLOATING TOWARDS THE FUTURE. Master thesis.

Kremer, Fien V. (2022) Waterfront redevelopment and inclusion: a case study of Parque das Nações. Bachelor thesis.

Kremers, Jorn (2022) Energy Transition: Conditions and scenarios to meet the future electricity demand in the Netherlands with nuclear energy. Master thesis.

Krilić, Danijel (2022) Age Diversity: Employing Qualitative Research to Understand how the Experience of Workers is Formed. Bachelor thesis.

Krottje, Irina S. (2022) How our Living Environment Influences our Perception of Health. Master thesis.

Kuijpers, Shawn (2022) The (in)equality of Housing Affordability within the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Kuipers, Wytske (2022) The temperate urban microclimate in a changing arctic. Bachelor thesis.

Kuut, Kristian (2022) How a pre-existing social license to operate diminishes due to inadequate public participation: learning from the Wieringermeer wind farm. Bachelor thesis.

Kück, Niels Johann (2022) Post-growth ideas as the future of sustainable urban development: A critical discourse analysis on housing and mobility policy of the cities of Münster and Freiburg, Germany. Master thesis.


Lalasati, Novi Asti (2022) Sustainable Sanitation for Small Island Cities. Master thesis.

Langereis, Bob (2022) Queer Place Image: A case study of Berlin. Bachelor thesis.

Lanting, Elisa (2022) The University Campus: more than just a place for lectures? Master thesis.

Leliveld, Peter (2022) Accessibility for the elderly in the province of Groningen. Master thesis.

Lijster, Jorn (2022) Delivering of a PED project: How mixes of policy instruments can help to understand the delivering of a PED project. Master thesis.

Lukas, Sjoerd (2022) CATEGORIZATION OF IMMIGRANTS IN DUTCH POLICYMAKING: Implications for civic integration in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Luursema, Hedda (2022) The dark side of the 'Green Gold' in Gambela, Ethiopia. Bachelor thesis.


MacIntyre, Sorcha (2022) Her 20-minute city: A critical feminist review of womens experiences of the 20-minute neighbourhood in Corstorphine Edinburgh. Master thesis.

Mark, Friso van der (2022) The impact of sustainable policy on office transaction values. Master thesis.

Marques Lopes, M. (2022) Differences in Beef Consumption, Sustainable Behavior and Awareness of Climate Change. Pre-master thesis.

Masson, Lewis (2022) Applying place branding lessons to the Eemsdelta, Groningen, Netherlands. Master thesis.

Meerstra, Youri (2022) The Frisian Brain Drain: Out-migration of (highly educated) youth in rural areas of Fryslân and the role of place attachment in stimulating return migration. Master thesis.

Meijer, Xander (2022) Earthquakes and place attachment in Loppersum. Bachelor thesis.

Melissourgos, Spyridon (2022) Assessing the effect of proximity to tourist attraction sites on Airbnb listings’ nightly rates: Evidence from Athens, Greece. Master thesis.

Meuleman, Jantine Gwendolyn (2022) Healthy housing: the effects on life satisfaction of elderly in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Meyer, Lea (2022) Shifting Shores: Quantitative Assessment of the Acceptance of Nature- based Coastal Protection Approaches - A Case Study on the Coastal Zones of the Province of Groningen, The Netherlands. Master thesis.

Migchels, Aaron Noah (2022) Art In Public Space: A Planning Tool For Urban Liveability. Bachelor thesis.

Minkes, Marit (2022) Preventing lock-in situations in citizens-initiated infrastructure projects. Master thesis.

Moerman, D (2022) Planning practice and heat transition: a case study on the planning and implementation of a district heat network in Selwerd, an after-war neighbourhood in Groningen. Master thesis.

Moragues Pitarch, Mireia (2022) Advancing Ecosystem-Based Management implementation for Coastal Resilience. A case study research about cross-sectoral interplay in the Social-Ecological System of the Mar Menor. Master thesis.

Morpey, Ukyo (2022) The effect of Airbnb activity on residential real estate values and livability: The case for the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Morsink, Nadi, N (2022) Inequality: the roles and contributions of public and commercial parties in increasing accessibility to homeownership. Pre-master thesis.

Muiswinkel, Elise (E.N.) van (2022) Meaning in Life: A Demographic Analysis of Meaning in Life among Older Adults in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Mulder, Evelien (2022) Municipalities' Strategies in Combating Childhood Obesity: A Mixed Methods Approach. Master thesis.


NIJENHUIS, V.H. (2022) Agroecology as a solution for sustainable agriculture on industrialized farms. Bachelor thesis.

Nauta, Saskia (2022) The effect of inaccessibility of public transport on transport choices in Groningen and Drenthe. Bachelor thesis.

Nederhoed, Yvar Hielke (2022) Smoking prevalence in Australia and The Netherlands: A cross-country comparison on the influence of tobacco control policy and education on smoking prevalence. Bachelor thesis.

Niemi, Elmeri (2022) Gentrification Outcomes and ARA-Housing in Helsinki Region. Bachelor thesis.

Nieuwkuijk, Sam R. van (2022) Perceptions of traffic safety for cyclists at unsignalized intersections in the Netherlands. A case study in the city of Groningen. Master thesis.

Nijholt, Rob (2022) Achieving flood resilience through building with culture: Integrating cultural heritage and flood risk management in the cases of the Stenendijk and Grebbedijk. Master thesis.

Noordveld, Milan (2022) Shaping a sustainable shift; how planners and policymakers could influence the adoption and efficient integration of electric vehicles into cities. Master thesis.

Noortman, Johannes Gerrit (2022) The Role of Migrant Integration in the Migratory Process. Master thesis.


Olland, Maud (2022) Towards Successful Integration of Migrants in Dutch Society - A case study of non-EU migrants living in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Olsman, Christine (2022) The role of a civic initiative in transforming how conflict is handled in energy planning participation: The case of JongRES. Master thesis.

Oost, Thijs (2022) How to make car-free neighbourhoods work: the factors that contribute to the success of a car-free neighbourhood. Master thesis.

Oosterhout, S.A. van (2022) Infrastructural opportunities and barriers for last-mile delivery by small electric distribution vehicles in historical city centres in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Oosterloo, Karlijn (2022) Co-working in a female-only environment. Master thesis.

Oostveen, Damian (2022) Perceived accessibility: a comparative study between accessibility from a policy perspective and perceived accessibility in the northern Netherlands. Master thesis.


Ouwerkerk, Jorik (2022) Investigating the social impacts the expansion of Lelystad Airport will have on Gelderland and Overijssel. Bachelor thesis.


Pandu Pratama, Kharisma (2022) Accessibility to a Diversity of Therapeutic Landscapes & the Restoration of University Students Mental Health in Groningen: A Qualitative Geo-Narrative Study. Bachelor thesis.

Papadopoulos, Leonidas (2022) Mental health and residential mobility: Does moving during childhood result in worse mental health outcomes during early adulthood? Bachelor thesis.

Papp, Benedek (2022) Cognitive proximity as a deeper concept and its effects on the innovative process. Bachelor thesis.

Pasma, Mark (2022) Coping with overtourism: 8 case studies across Europe. Master thesis.

Penders, Geoffrey C.E. (2022) Investors' willingness to pay for offices in multifunctional buildings with a Dutch owners' association (VvE). Master thesis.

Perdriel-Vaissiere, Maya (2022) Paris en Commun, an uncertain green future for Paris: a study case of the 18th district. Bachelor thesis.

Piesch, L.J. (2022) The Effect of Socio-Economic and Spatial Characteristics on Acceptable Travel Distances. Master thesis.

Plegt, Rick (2022) Site selection and its relation to cannibalization of local market share. Bachelor thesis.

Pohl, M.L.C. (2022) The Effect of Rural-to-Urban Migration on Fertility Ideals in Ethiopia and Nigeria. Master thesis.

Pol, Dirk Theodorus Simon van der (2022) Not only the students are to blame: How the COVID-19 pandemic caused an increase in noise nuisance for the long- time residents of the Schildersbuurt in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Post, Jaimy (2022) Cyclist and pedestrian perception in Shared Space. Master thesis.

Posthumus, Jochem (S.J.) (2022) Programme Effectiveness within Public-Private Partnerships: An Analysis of Programme Management Strategy Effectiveness in the Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere Infrastructure Programme. Bachelor thesis.

Pot, Simon (2022) Cooperation between (public) stakeholders in infrastructure projects: What lessons can we learn from the experiences of partnerships between a project organization and public stakeholders? Master thesis.

Prianggoro, Afwan Anantya (2022) Examining the Role of a Land Bank Agency in Indonesia's Spatial Planning Practice. Master thesis.

Price, Melinda (2022) How does the accessibility to train stations influence residential property price? Pre-master thesis.

Prosman, Marie-Anne (2022) Socio-Cultural Valuation of Perceived Ecosystem Services: A Drentsche Aa Case Study. Bachelor thesis.

Puljiz, Filip (2022) Parental activism in Dugi Rat: A case study on the influence of a slag landfill on maternal and paternal life. Bachelor thesis.

Pérez Miguel, Enrique (2022) The Role of Social Networks on Mental Health. An empirical study of population over 50 years old in Spain. Master thesis.


Ras, Martijn (2022) Holwerd and its values. An investigation of the heritage values of a cultural landscape among inhabitants, professionals and academics in the process of a bottom-up spatial development. Master thesis.

Raveica, Marius Andrei (2022) A Qualitative Research on Artists Needs in a Context of Culture-led Development through Participatory Planning: Timișoara European Capital of Culture 2023. Master thesis.

Reckhaus, Nelly (2022) The Ongoing Conflict between Offshore Wind Farms and the Fishing Industry in the North Sea. Master thesis.

Reitsma, Olav (2022) Maatregelen voor burgerparticipatie: Effecten van gemeentelijke mogelijkheden voor het faciliteren van burgerparticipatie. Bachelor thesis.

Reitsma, P. (2022) Buy-to-let restriction in Rotterdam: stimulating households or bullying investors? Master thesis.

Reitsma, Tineke (2022) Determinants of Subjective Wellbeing in Urban and Rural Areas in the UK. Bachelor thesis.

Reitsma, Tineke (2022) Hometown glory - The benefits of location-specific capital on labour market outcomes for vocational education graduates. Master thesis.

Rekers, Patrick (2022) The sale of social housing and its influence on the social composition of neighbourhoods. Master thesis.

Riedel, Nils Alexander (2022) Using renewable energies in the corporate environment: An investigation of the potentials and barriers for the corporate use of photovoltaic systems in Germany using the case study of osthaus & beckert GmbH. Master thesis.

Rijdt, Tom te (2022) Understanding the distribution of healthcare firms through demographics on a municipal scale in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

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