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Assen, Daniël van (2024) Exploring the price dynamics of flood risk on the housing market: A meta-analysis approach. Master thesis.


Bakker, Anselm (2024) The Influence of Parenting on FPS eSports involvement: a Comparison Between Europe and Asia. Bachelor thesis.

Bakker, Erik (2024) Navigating Housing Challenges: Temporal Housing Alternatives and Their Impact on the Right to the City for Homeless International Students in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Blantis, Angelos (2024) Cumbria's Property Market Under the Surge: A Flood Risk Examination. A case study on how flood risk in flood-prone area of Cumbria, England affects residential real estate property prices. Master thesis.

Bollmann, Christina (2024) Ageing Hearts, Limited Care: The Impact of Reduced Access to Primary Healthcare on Cardiovascular Medications Rates among Older Adults in The Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Buteau, Jerome (2024) Life-course Perspectives on Migrant Health: Exploring Vulnerabilities and Health Disparities Among Older Populations in France, Germany and The Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.


Castro Gomez, Pedro Alfonso (2024) The land value tax against urban sprawl: a real options approach. Master thesis.


Dietvorst, Lisa (2024) Degrowth and eco-villages, what can social housing corporations learn? Master thesis.

Dijk, Mitchell D.van (2024) The use of creative and arts-based methods to overcome the barriers of public participation. Master thesis.


Geerligs, Luuk (2024) Real Estate and Climate: A Comprehensive Analysis of Weather's Influence on Property Values. Master thesis.

Gubbins Uccelli, Laszlo (2024) Tourist proximity as a price determinant for short-term rental platforms in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bachelor thesis.


Havinga, Tom (2024) How internal migration shapes the demographic fertility patterns of internal migrants in post- Franco Spain. Master thesis.

Hohenauer, Nora (2024) “European, what else should I identify as?” The TCK Experience in Brussels. Bachelor thesis.

Holtland, T (2024) Utilising the hidden human capital of refugees on the Dutch labour market. Master thesis.

Houwers, J.J. (2024) Moving intentions and the concentration of low-income people in the neighbourhood: A study on intended mobility of households in the Netherlands. Master thesis.


Jani, Marlen (2024) Children with Down Syndrome and Inclusive Playgrounds. Bachelor thesis.

Jong, Maaike de (2024) Disconnected areas: investigating the impact of diminished public transport in Peize towards the city of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.


Kerkhof, Rianne (2024) Spatial Segregation: Social Housing In The City Of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Kock, Alize (2024) The impact of AirBnB rentals on the Greek island communities. Master thesis.

Kooi, Marc van der (2024) The influence of issued building permits on housing price. Bachelor thesis.

Kuik, Kaja (2024) Rural public space in Emmer-Compascuum. Bachelor thesis.


Lambers, Bas (2024) Influence of Parental Financial Gifts for Home Purchase on Residential Satisfaction in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Lier, J.F. (2024) Study of the perception of environmental and societal impacts of gas extraction Oosterpoortbuurt, Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Lindstedt, Nina (2024) Exploring the relevance and perception of non-conventional coastal protection measures to increase coastal resilience at the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea. Master thesis.

Los, Ivette (2024) The influence of waste collection infrastructures on the quality of life in public places. A case study: Examining littering patterns in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Luttje, Savannah (2024) Identifying Barriers: Exploring Determinants of Green Climate Shelter Access for Women and Queer Individuals during Extreme Heat Periods in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.


Meerman, Hugo (2024) SOLAR PANEL INVESTMENT DETERMINANTS. Bachelor thesis.

Meulen, D.T. van der (2024) Differences in Social Isolation Among European Elderly. Bachelor thesis.


Nieuwenhuizen, M.P. (2024) Costs VS Comfort. Bachelor thesis.

Nijborg, Hendri (2024) Carsharing as the future of mobility: Exploring the potential of carsharing in rural areas. Master thesis.

Nijhof, Jeffry (2024) Investigating the association between discrimination and health among sexual- and gender minorities in Europe. Master thesis.

Norden, Yannick (2024) Ouder Worden en Actief Blijven; Een kwalitatief onderzoek naar de factoren die de participatie van ouderen in het sporten in georganiseerd verband in Bedum beïnvloeden. Bachelor thesis.


Pierik, Miriam (2024) Holwerd aan Zee and the opinion of locals. Bachelor thesis.


Rentenaar, Kasper (2024) "'Where Did You Grow Up?' An Investigation into the Role of Rural-Urban Dynamics during Childhood Migration and Their Impact on the Migration Intentions of Students after Graduation". Bachelor thesis.

Ricci Capredoni, I.E. (2024) Going for a Stroll, A Comprehensive Study on Perceptions of Parents with Baby Carriages on Sidewalk Quality of Service in the City Center of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Rood, Max (2024) Traffic Safety and Spatial Planning: Exploring Relationships between Road Design, Risky Driving Behaviour and Traffic Accidents in Groningen, the Netherlands. Master thesis.


Sarandaliev, Ilia (2024) The relationship between short-term rental revenues and housing prices in the central parts of Sofia. Master thesis.

Sigit, A.F.A. (2024) Cafe, Community, and Closeness: Espresso-ing the Impact of Cafe Proximity and Student Communities. Bachelor thesis.

Skrebels, Rems (2024) Neighborhood Design and Neighborhood Satisfaction. Bachelor thesis.

Soeren, Krijn van (2024) Projects by the African Development Bank and the quality of their applied social policies. Master thesis.

Steringa, Gerben (2024) Navigating Urban Spaces: Mobility Experiences of Wheelchair Users at Groningen’s Vismarkt. Master thesis.

Switalla, Julia (2024) Housing choices and preferences of seniors and pre-seniors in Bottrop, Germany. A conjoint anaylsis. Master thesis.


Trautz, Noah (2024) Attendees beliefs and behaviour in relation to sustainable practices at music festivals in Germany and The Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.


Uineken, Maarten (2024) Decline in cognitive function of older adults: The relative effects of lifestyle factors for Europeans aged 50+. Master thesis.


Valkenburg, Imke (2024) The accessibility of sports facilities and obesity in the municipalities of the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Valkenier, Kirsten (2024) The future of farming. Effects of the agricultural transition on the young Dutch farmer. Bachelor thesis.

Veenstra, Nynke (2024) Gender bias in the medical education: A qualitative study on the perspectives of medicine students on their education in Groningen, The Netherlands. Master thesis.

Veenstra, Stijn (2024) “How is the ambulance supposed to cross the sea?” A Study of Healthcare Decisions away from home. Bachelor thesis.

Verbeek, Flint (2024) You are welcome, but behave! How students perceive privatization of the public space through privately owned public spaces. Bachelor thesis.


Werf, Peter Van der (2024) Thuiskomen in Gorredijk: De rol van Sociale Cohesie en Gemeenschapszin in het Integratieproces van Nieuwkomers in een groot Fries dorp. Bachelor thesis.

Witte, Rebekka, de (2024) Beyond Borders: An Exploration of Mental Health Help-Seeking Among International Students. Bachelor thesis.

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