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Adriaanse, Ruben (2020) Factors of Success in Dutch Infrastructure Projects: A Quantitative Analysis. Master thesis.

Akhamy, Sarah (2020) ‘Willingness to participate’: How citizens of Rotterdam perceive water safety, and how willing they are to participate in the city’s resilience initiatives regarding water safety. Master thesis.

Altenburg, D (2020) Understanding how house prices can be explained by highway accessibility – A case study of the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Arenz, Milena Maria (2020) Who are the New Fathers? Determinants of Fathers’ Parental Leave Use. Pre-master thesis.



Baardink, Tim (2020) Energiearmoede in Groningen. Master thesis.

Baetsen, Kiki (2020) Staying Physically Active in Berlin During COVID-19; Perceptions of Spatial Design by University Students of Different Gender Groups. Bachelor thesis.

Bakker, T. (2020) Demographic differences in tenure choice before and after the financial crisis in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Balen, Thomas, T.H. van (2020) Regional Innovation Systems for Water Technology. Master thesis.

Batterink, Henri (2020) Infrastructural & spatial integration of freight and logistics within the Metropole Region Utrecht (MRU) - Lessons from applying the EU Horizon 2020 Vital Nodes approach to the Metropole Region Utrecht (MRU). Master thesis.

Bebelaar, N. (2020) Finding routes for hyperloop transportation infrastructure in the Netherlands using a GIS-MCDA approach. Master thesis.

Beek, S. van (2020) De ideale retail mix voor regionale -en wijkwinkelcentra: de introductie van een nieuwe methode op een lager schaalniveau. Master thesis.

Beek, S. van (2020) The value of highway corridor scenes. Master thesis.

Bekker, R (2020) Creating insights in Tourism using Flickr Photography. Master thesis.


Berkedam, Luna (2020) Public Values in the Design Process of a PPP Urban Light Rail Project. Bachelor thesis.

Berkenbosch, Karst (2020) Representing industrial heritage in official marketing documents of the Ruhr and the recognition of these narratives by inhabitants. Master thesis.

Bijlsma, ing. Rutger (2020) How to obtain social licences to operate for renewable energy projects. Master thesis.

Bisschop, Anneloes (2020) Spatial Design as a tool to prevent pluvial flooding: A Rotterdam case study. Bachelor thesis.

Blezer, S.H.G.M. (Stefano) (2020) Urban Living Labs and Transformative Changes. Master thesis.

Boelens, B. (2020) Boundary Spanning in Dutch water management and sustainable energy planning. Master thesis.

Boelens, Tim (2020) Evolving business models of low-cost carriers and their influence on connectivity and accessibility of regions in the United Kingdom. Master thesis.

Boer, Ivan de (2020) Het stikstofprobleem in Nederland: op zoek naar een nieuwe benadering. Master thesis.

Boertien, Roy (2020) Smart Mobility, Dutch Complexity: Een onderzoek naar de rollen en mogelijkheden van het ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat in de ontwikkeling van pods en shuttles in Nederland. Master thesis.

Boerée, Daan (2020) Transport Mode Choice in Recreational Football Clubs: The Influence of Spatial Accessibility on Modal Choice in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Booiman, Damin (2020) Implementing eco-solar parks: inclusion of nature development and landscape integration. Bachelor thesis.

Boonstra, Joanne, J (2020) LEER JE BETER IN EEN GROEN GEBOUW? Master thesis.

Boot, Emmeline P. (2020) The effect of urban green space on soundscape perception. Bachelor thesis.

Borgh, Stefan van der (2020) Een mindset tot residentiële verduurzaming - een kwantitatief onderzoek naar de associatie van investeringsgerelateerde gedragskenmerken van eigenaar-gebruikers met de verduurzaming van woningen. Master thesis.

Bos, Alard J. (2020) The influence of PPP project design on successful outcomes of solar park projects in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Bouman, J.A. (Joost) (2020) The best-offer-over pricing method: a best-strategy? A case study in the Rotterdam housing marke. Master thesis.

Bouwman, Bart (2020) Bijdragen aan buurtbeweging of buurtbonje: Kansen en barrières voor woningcorporaties in hun omgang met burgerinitiatieven. Master thesis.

Breman, Ype (2020) Rise of the populist vote in Zuidoost Friesland: result of perceived ‘place don’t matter’? Bachelor thesis.

Brinkhof, G.M. (2020) Combineren of Concurreren? Vitale condities voor co-evolutie tussen energietransitie en klimaatadaptatie. Master thesis.

Broeke, Mart (2020) Warmtestad: towards a zero-energy city of Groningen: A case study report on the process of stakeholder participation. Bachelor thesis.

Bruin, Mathieu de (2020) Exploring the influence of Urban Climate Adaptation on Dutch Pluvial Flood Risk Management via stakeholder perception of responsibilities: An exploratory case study. Master thesis.

Bruinen, Olivier (2020) The influence of traffic visibility and greenery appreciation on soundscape appraisal in urban areas: Case study in Prinsentuin and Guyotplein in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Bruinsma, Nils (2020) Student housing on brownfields: An assessment of the barriers and opportunities for the development of PBSA on brownfields in the student cities of Amsterdam and Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Buiter, Christian (2020) Climbing Down the Ladder? With a special focus on mid-level workers at risk of job automation in European labour markets. Master thesis.

Bulthuis, Mehdi, M.A. (2020) The impact of the private consortium composition on product innovation in DBFM(O) projects. Bachelor thesis.

Burghoorn, Desirée G. (2020) Type 1 Diabetes, adolescence & depression - Patient’s perspectives on challenges during this life phase that may put them at risk for developing depressive symptoms. Bachelor thesis.

Burgler, Jesse (2020) PPP Contracts for Environmental Sustainability “How can PPP contract designs stimulate the environmental sustainability of Dutch road infrastructure?’’. Bachelor thesis.

Burgos-Watkinson, Isla Nina (2020) International Student Migration and Happiness: A Qualitative Study. Bachelor thesis.

Busschers, Thom (2020) Resourceful places through community initiatives. Bachelor thesis.


Cantrijn, Marloes (2020) The contribution of smoking, obesity and alcohol consumption to country mortality differences and life expectancy in Western Europe. Master thesis.

Cawthorne-Nugent, Freddy Ms. (2020) The necessary parameters for the implementation of Mobility as a Service in Assen. Bachelor thesis.

Coco Martin, Ana Blanca (2020) Collecting and Sorting Second Hand Clothes: The Practice of Circularity and Social Inclusiveness in Textile Waste Management in Dutch Municipalities. Master thesis.

Custers, J.M.I. (2020) The (customer) journey of an Oerol Visitor. Master thesis.

Czekay, Jannika (2020) The social integration of refugees in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.


Daalen, Sam van (2020) Een verkennend onderzoek naar de rol van participatie in het Nationaal Programma Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Damen, Arnoud (2020) The influence of institutions on migrant entrepreneurship rates in the United States. Master thesis.

Dankert, Johan (2020) Spatial Intervention in Rural Development: The Case of Kiel-Windeweer. Master thesis.

Demuth, Constantin (2020) Stakeholder Participation in Community Supported Agriculture in Groningen - A qualitative analysis of the Eetbare Stad initiative. Bachelor thesis.

Dijkstra, E.T.A. (2020) Adaptiviteit in het Fietsparkeerbeleid. Bachelor thesis.

Dikkeschei, Bram (2020) Procesmatig onderhoud aan de Nederlandse transportinfrastructuur; een onderhoudssituatie die zelf ook onderhouden moet worden. Master thesis.

Dortmont, Tim van (2020) Op weg naar adaptieve plannen voor overstromingsgevoelige kustgebieden: Condities, barrières en succesfactoren voor adaptieve planning. Master thesis.

Draaijer, Alexander, C.F. (2020) Circulair bouwen, duurder of goedkoper? - Een kwalitatieve analyse naar het effect van circulair bouwen op de Life Cycle Cost van kantoorgebouwen. Pre-master thesis.

Drent, N. (2020) Who is retiring early: The wealthy or the unhealthy? Master thesis.

Dul, A.J. (2020) “I am trying to avoid busy supermarkets. So, this morning, I was at the supermarket at 8 AM already.” A qualitative research about the adaptive behaviour and quality of life of independently living older adults in the Northern Netherlands during the COVID-19 outbreak. Master thesis.

Dumoulin, Victorine (2020) Nitrogen emission in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

de Boer, Sylvia (2020) Explaining achievement inequality in primary schools using social contagion theory - A quantitative study on Dutch primary education. Master thesis.

den Broeder, Jos (2020) Programma-evaluatie: Een exploratief onderzoek naar hoe een Theory Based Evaluation ex-durante kan worden uitgevoerd op een ruimtelijk beleidsprogramma. Master thesis.


Eleveld, D. (2020) Exploring the gap: an analysis of mortality differentials in the New Zealand Māori and New Zealand non-Māori population. Master thesis.

Ellens, T.M. (2020) The effect of single motherhood on childhood obesity. Master thesis.

Enting, Jan-Romke (2020) The effects of soft management on ex-post transaction costs in Dutch DBFM infrastructure projects. Bachelor thesis.


Fauw, N. de (2020) Brownfield regeneration in Budapest, Hungary - An analysis of the quality and functionality of two regenerated brownfields. Bachelor thesis.

Feldkamp, Daan (2020) The impact of crime on housing prices; a case study of the municipality of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Fielt, J.A.B. (2020) Adaptieve Aanpak Winkelleegstand. Bachelor thesis.


Galen Last, Jort van (2020) Exploring positions of key stakeholders towards the application of measures to counter peat oxidation in the province of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Gevel, van de, Anke, A.J.M. (2020) The association between the lease term and office rents in the Netherlands: A quantitative study. Master thesis.

Giussani, Fabio (2020) Rural Second Homes and the Well-Being of Young Adults. Bachelor thesis.

Gorens, Marlinda, M.M.M. (2020) "Geocaching is about places you would not have been otherwise". Master thesis.

Grevelink, Dani (2020) Who is the entrepreneur? Master thesis.

Gruijters, W.W.H.G. (2020) Considerations Behind Public and Private Space. Master thesis.


Habekotté, H.A. (2020) The influence of PBSAs on community cohesion in established neighbourhoods: A Paddepoel Case study. Bachelor thesis.

Hadderingh, Brent (2020) Asylum-seekers, Integration, & Electoral Disparities: A Focus on the Northern Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Halbesma, J.A. (2020) Awareness of, and preparation for loss of independence at older ages among Dutch young older adults. Bachelor thesis.

Hanekamp, Harmen (2020) Nature and the local expenditures. Bachelor thesis.

Hartmans, Maaike (2020) Obesity in an increasingly urban environment. The influence of socio-economic status on obesity in France and Hungary. Master thesis.

Hartveld, F. (2020) Nudging als instrument van de planoloog bij het sturen van fietsparkeergedrag. Bachelor thesis.

Hayze, E.H. de la (2020) Het succes van een vanaf-prijs als verkoopmethode. Master thesis.

Heide, Thomas van der (2020) Knowledge differences regarding the agricultural sector in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Heijligers, Danielle (2020) De 'win-win' strategie naar spelen met water. Master thesis.

Hekman, Evert-Jan (2020) Child mobility in school-related decisions in Dutch renewal plans. Bachelor thesis.

Hempen, Miriam (2020) Anti-tourism protests in European cities. Master thesis.

Hendriks, Max (2020) Increasing the efficiency of renewable energy; drawing lessons from niches regarding Demand Side Management in countries across the world. Master thesis.

Hert, Robbert van der (2020) The Impact of Promotion to the Premier League on the Price of Residential Property An Analysis of Transactions in England. Master thesis.

Heuvel, Chris van den (2020) De perceptie van beleidsmedewerkers over een rechtvaardig vervoerssysteem in rurale krimpgebieden in Noord-Nederland. Master thesis.

Hezel, Pauline (2020) Family support and mental well-being among adult and elderly men and women in India. Master thesis.

Hoekstra, M. (2020) Church buildings as determinants for the Frisian landscape: Heritage and cultural landscapes analysed from a culture economy and common good perspective. Master thesis.

Hoenink, H. (2020) The healthy side of a bar. Bachelor thesis.

Hogenstijn, Tristan (2020) A new approach to sustainability? The idea of basic income as a solution to automation-driven job displacement and the potential impact on environmentally conscious consumer spending among university students in Groningen, the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Holsappel, Maarten (2020) High and Mighty? The influence of ceiling height on competitive viability of Dutch logistics real estate. Bachelor thesis.

Hommes, Klaas (2020) Continuïteit vs. flexibiliteit? Een zoektocht in het spanningsveld van projecten voor projectmanagers. Master thesis.

Honingh, A (2020) The Dutch brain drain: a three-case policy comparison and media analysis. Bachelor thesis.

Houthooft, Coen (2020) Post-Soviet mortality trends in Poland and the Russian Federation. Bachelor thesis.


Jansen, Marko (2020) Adding sustainable heat sources to the Amernet: an institutional problem or an institutional chance? Master thesis.

Jansen, Tim (2020) One Hand does not Applaud - A research on partnerships to achieve goals between Syrian and Dutch organizations in The Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Janson, Paul (2020) Third Places during COVID-19: Investigating the Effects of Third Place Inaccessibility on Psychological Well-Being. Bachelor thesis.

Jellesma, Joost (2020) Buy-to-let investors on the Dutch residential market: a study on pricing and capitalization rates. Master thesis.

Jeruseviciute, Greta (2020) Why are Student Cyclists the Happiest Commuters? A case from Groningen, Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.


Kam, J.W. van der (2020) Do Your Neighbor's Looks Matter? Aesthetic Appeal of the Urban Environment and House Prices: A Case Study of Lyon and Toulouse. Master thesis.

Kamminga, O.R.J. (2020) Incorporation of identity discourses in newly amalgamated municipalities: insights in Het Hogeland, the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Karasev, Nikita (2020) The impact of the European Capital of Culture on downtown regeneration in Leeuwarden. Bachelor thesis.

Keizer, Gijs (2020) Measuring housing bubbles: a case study on Amsterdam. Master thesis.

Kema, Steven (2020) Geography and AI: a happy marriage? Exploring the potential of Machine Learning as a new method in geographic research. Master thesis.

Kiers, Wytze (2020) Shaping a Saltmarsh. Bachelor thesis.

Kikkert, Gerald (2020) Veldexperimenten in de planningspraktijk. Master thesis.

Klare, Christoph (2020) Exploring spatial disparities in residential house prices on a county level in Germany. Master thesis.

Kleef, J.G. van (2020) Electrical buses related to Pedestrian and cyclist safety. Bachelor thesis.

Klomp, Robin (2020) Stakeholders participation regarding student housing provision Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Kloos, Tom (2020) Social Improvements in Smart City Hamburg. Pre-master thesis.

Koldam, I. van (2020) The balance between the green- and blue water footprint of crops in Groningen from 1990-2050. Bachelor thesis.

Kolthof, F. (2020) Exploring ecovillages in rural areas. Motivations, practices and experiences of ecovillage inhabitants. Master thesis.

Kootstra, J. (2020) Self-employment profiles in Southwest-Frisia. Master thesis.

Kootstra, J. (2020) Socially-oriented high-rise design in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Korporaal, Jacko (2020) Considerations for Expanding the Nature Network in Friesland. Bachelor thesis.

Kort, Elles (2020) Child nutritional status in Armenia: gender bias or sex differences? Master thesis.

Kortman, Floor (2020) Towards the assessment of soundscape and urban morphological parameters at four market squares. Case study: city of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Krebs, Leyla (2020) Area-based adaptive planning practice and ecosystem-based management. A comparative analysis of cold-water coral ecosystems in Norway and Chile. Master thesis.

Krikken, Simon, S.B. (2020) Knooppuntontwikkeling in Nederland: een vergelijkend onderzoek naar institutionele barrières van knooppuntontwikkeling bij stationsgebieden. Master thesis.

Kroesen, Otto (2020) The Integration process of International Students in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.


Kuiper, Arjan (2020) The Effects of Open Borders on Migrant Self-selection in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Kuiper, Lesley (2020) Warehouses on the rise: a study on ceiling height and investment value. Master thesis.

Kusters, Juul (2020) A monoculture of windfarms or a sea of possibilities? Exploring multi-use implementation as a solution for efficient ocean planning in the Dutch North Sea. Master thesis.


Labee, Ayleen (2020) Alcohol use and perceived group pressure Comparing first- and third-year memories from students. Bachelor thesis.

Lankhorst, Ann (2020) A qualitative and quantitative unpacking of spatial, social and political dimensions of Shared Space. Evidence from the Mariahilfer Straße in Vienna. Master thesis.

Lavana Pérez, Matthew (2020) Finding housing in an unfamiliar city: an international student experience. A case-study of Groningen's student market. Bachelor thesis.

Lederle, Christina (2020) Tourism landscape & sense of place: The influences of tourism induced place changes on the relationship of residents with their home place. Master thesis.

Leliveld, P (2020) Farmers’ ability to adapt to drought. Bachelor thesis.

Leuw, Arjan de (2020) Investment behaviour in the housing market. Master thesis.

Lievano Cruz, Paola (2020) Urban farming as a driver for sustainable development. Master thesis.

Lijster, j.j. (2020) The implementation of a district heating system "To which degree can Paddepoel-Noord learn from Katendrecht, regarding the implementation of a district heating system". Bachelor thesis.

Lindeboom, Willem Karst (2020) DRACHTEN: THE PLACE TO BE? Bachelor thesis.

Luhede, Amelie (2020) From source to sea - An investigation into hotspots for marine plastic pollution along the English North Sea coast. Master thesis.


Medha, Azka Nur (2020) Climate governance and the role of local institutions in facilitating adaptive capacity: The case of the ‘Climate Village Program’, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. Master thesis.

Megyeri, Balázs (2020) New public spaces in the inner city of Groningen. Master thesis.

Meijer, Luuk, L. (2020) How to: aantrekkelijk worden voor startups; Een onderzoek naar algemene succesfactoren van startup-beleid in stedelijke gemeentes. Master thesis.

Melo Pizzardo, Felipe (2020) Mapping vegetarianism: A statistical analysis of the social and geographical factors underlying vegetarian diets in the North of the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Meppelink, Tobias (2020) Influence of migration on fertility behavior of Turkish migrants in Germany. Bachelor thesis.

Merx, Derk H.A.M. (2020) De structurele oorzaken van problematische schulden in de Veenkoloniën. Master thesis.

Meuleman, Jantine Gwendolyn, J.G. (2020) The influence of CPTED on pedestrians of the Diezerstraat in Zwolle. Bachelor thesis.

Miedema, Jelmer (2020) OFF THE GAS!: Onderzoek naar de effecten van de afbouw in de aardgassector op de werkgelegenheid in Noord-Nederland en de kansen die hernieuwbare energiebronnen met zich meebrengen. Master thesis.

Monzini, Paolo Emilio (2020) Winegrowers’ Awareness of climate change and future adaptive strategies in Piedmont: An in-depth approach. Bachelor thesis.

Moort, S. van (2020) De betalingsbereidheid voor de resterende contractuele duur van het huurcontract. Master thesis.

Mud, N. (2020) (Anti-)vaccination reasoning among Dutch Christian families. Master thesis.

Mulder, M (2020) Roaming around the neighborhood. Bachelor thesis.


Möhlmann, Lynn (2020) The social infrastructure of community food initiatives in Berlin: A case study research. Master thesis.


Navickas, Emilis (2020) Urban soundscape: the relationship between sound source dominance and perceptual attributes along with sound pressure levels. Bachelor thesis.

Navis, R. (2020) Logistics clustering in space? A study on economies of agglomeration in Noord-Brabant. Master thesis.

Nes, T.A. van (2020) The effect of social housing developments on housing prices in Amsterdam. Master thesis.

Neuvenheim, Gavin (2020) Education-job mismatch among international graduates of higher vocational education in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Nieuwkuijk, Sam van (2020) Differences in perceived spatial quality between new nature and traditionally managed nature. Bachelor thesis.

Nigon, Thomas (2020) Convergence on the Swedish housing market a study of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo. Master thesis.

Noortman, J.G. (2020) Explaining Eurosceptic Voting Behaviour THE CONNECTION BETWEEN EU DISCONTENT AND EUROSCEPTICISM. Master thesis.

Nurdyawati, Sally Indah (2020) Retail Resilience to The Emergence of E-commerce. Pre-master thesis.


Olgun, D. (2020) Do Residents Appreciate Green Labels? – A Quantitative Approach into the Relationship between Energy Labels and Residential Satisfaction in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Oliemans, Miesja (2020) Vitale winkelgebieden: Case study naar de factoren die van invloed zijn bij de revitalisering van winkelgebieden (Alkmaar en Veendam). Master thesis.

Onvlee, Lizzy (2020) To what extent do living conditions influence the happiness of students living in the city of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Oosterhuis, Charlotte (2020) Place Attachment and Festive Events in the Village of Norg. Bachelor thesis.

Oostveen, Damian (2020) A Boxifying Landscape: The Impact of Warehouse Development on Green spaces in the Northern Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Oudman, Klarieke (2020) The wellbeing of elderly people living in retirement homes in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Overwater, Tessa (2020) Trees under urban pressure: A Case Study on understanding the effect of public street trees on property prices in highly urban Amsterdam. Master thesis.


Parise, Nathana (2020) Improving public spaces in the Netherlands: Determining best practices in placemaking according to different processes and outcomes. Master thesis.

Poelsema, K (2020) The Environment and Planning Act and Sustainable Mobility. Master thesis.

Poelsema, Kim (2020) What is the role of the third place in the organization of work of its users? Master thesis.

Polfliet, Sara, S. (2020) Place attachment in a mobile society: Understanding the relations with place among students. A qualitative study about place attachment of HE students from the Netherlands towards their university town. Master thesis.

Ponds, M. G. J. (2020) How do external effects of mosques relate to transaction prices in the proximity; A case study in the city of Amsterdam. Master thesis.

Popma, V.D. (2020) Towards hydrogen in mobility in the city of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Postema, J.W. (2020) Non-listed real estate fund returns: closed-end versus open-end funds. Master thesis.

Pot, Simon (2020) Tendency of households to move due to studentification. Bachelor thesis.


Quinn, Alex (2020) Mixing Housing Tenures: Does Propinquity in Space Facilitate Social Interaction Between Residents Across Housing Tenures? A Case Study of Fatima Mansions, Dublin. Master thesis.



Rademacher, Tabea (2020) Digital Literacy of Baby Boomers in the Netherlands. A Case Study on the e-prescription as a Smart Measure. Bachelor thesis.

Rauh, Lennard (2020) Associations between household characteristics and subsidy applications for energy efficient retrofits in residential real estate. Master thesis.

Reinders, Peter-Jan (2020) BREEAM certification and Gross Rental Yield of Dutch retail real estate. Master thesis.

Riemersma, F.M. (2020) Veranderend Ruimtegebruik in Kantoorpanden in Nederland. Master thesis.

Rietman, Veronique (2020) Transferring cycling policies - The benefits and the barriers for the city state of Berlin. Master thesis.

Rijff, Ydze Y. (2020) Effectiveness of Smart Mobility Interventions in the city of Amsterdam. Bachelor thesis.

Roelofs, B.J. (2020) Investigating Spatio- Temporal trends of dengue infections on Curaçao from 1995-2016. Master thesis.

Roest, J. (2020) Public Private Partnerships as a tool for reaching goals of the Regional Energy Strategy- A private sector view on the elaboration and implementation of the Regional Energy strategy for large scale solar Public Private Partnerships in congested regions. Bachelor thesis.

Rozeboom, Denise (2020) Goth Fans: ''Coming Home'' to Leipzig. Master thesis.

Ruiken, C.P.H. (2020) IT Adoption in Europe: do Real Estate and Construction Industries Differ from the Rest? Master thesis.

Ruiter, Jeska de (2020) Tiny Houses as a Solution for Urban Planning Issues: A Qualitative Study on Dutch Tiny House Initiatives and their Potential Function in Tackling Urban Planning Issues. Master thesis.


Sakkers, Paola (2020) A good neighbour is worth more than a distant friend – an analysis of neighbouring and house prices. Master thesis.

Saëz, Agathe (2020) New Towns & community-based initiatives: A study of the performance of community-based initiatives in New Towns in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Schiphof, N. (2020) Social Acceptance and the expansion of Wind Farms. Bachelor thesis.

Schipper, D. (2020) The Effect of Housing Characteristics on Subjective Well-being in the United Kingdom. Bachelor thesis.

Schlieker, Mortimer (2020) Ethnic inequalities in adolescents’ subjective well-being: the effects of social capital. Master thesis.

Schlooz, M. (2020) Defining subsequent moving patterns and characteristics of international migrants in metropolitan Amsterdam. Master thesis.

Schoenmaker, R.P. (2020) Using e-bikes as a mode towards sustainable mobility. Bachelor thesis.

Scholte, D.P. (2020) An activity-friendly environment for all? Research into the impact of neighbourhood characteristics on physical activity patterns of families with low socioeconomic status in the city of Groningen. Master thesis.

Schoonderbeek, Tijmen (2020) Logistics Real Estate Clustering: What’s in it for the investor? Master thesis.

Schuil, Jelmer (2020) Rural-Urban Comparison of Migrant Integration. Bachelor thesis.

Schuitema, Bas (2020) Differences in Fertility between Urban and Rural Nigeria. Master thesis.

Siebring, E (2020) Biophilic urbanism in The Netherlands. A qualitative study about the motivations, effects and difficulties of implementing more nature in cities. Master thesis.

Simonis, Melle Adrianus (2020) Determining Foreign Direct Investment Inflows of African Nations through Property Rights. Master thesis.

Slats, Paulina (2020) Migrants as silver lining around greying Fryslân? Bachelor thesis.

Smit, Bram (2020) Perceived Tranquility in Groningen - predicting tranquility scores with an online questionnaire. Bachelor thesis.

Smit, Jasper Laurens (2020) Determining the influence of Age & Gender on Soundscape Perception - A Quantitative Data Analysis. Pre-master thesis.


Snoek, Simone (2020) Liever ver weg dan een randweg? Master thesis.

Sommer, Luca Vincent (2020) Co-production in Housing - Unravelling the Challenges surrounding Self-building in Hamburg. Master thesis.

Sonnenberg, Kay (2020) Stakeholder participation in the urban renewal projects in the Rivierenwijk in Deventer: Understanding the decision-making process. Bachelor thesis.

Sonnenberg, Kay (2020) Stakeholder participation in the urban renewal projects in the Rivierenwijk in Deventer: Understanding the decision-making process. Bachelor thesis.

Spakman, D. (2020) The relation between sense of place and landscape in National Park Drentsche Aa. Master thesis.

Spitzen, F. (2020) The role of sports organizations in retaining young people in rural areas: A case study of the North Netherlands. Master thesis.

Steenkamer, W.J. (2020) Wijken van het gas. Master thesis.

Stempels, Camiel (2020) A multiform perspective of being ‘a student’; what does the stereotype say? Master thesis.

Sturm, Nadia (2020) The influence of partnership status on fertility intentions of childless women and men across European countries. Master thesis.

Sweere, Nikki (2020) An energy-neutral highway, the new standard? Bachelor thesis.


Tiemann, Lukas (2020) The Effect of Grocery Store Openings on Residential Property Prices: Evidence from Morrisons Stores in England. Master thesis.

Tjokrodikromo, Tess (2020) Institutional capacity building towards flood resilience: Zwolle as a water sensitive city. Master thesis.

Trippenzee, Miranda (2020) Perceived sentiments towards foreigners: A longitudinal and cross-national approach to immigrant group size and populist radical right voting. Master thesis.


Vader, Leia, L. (2020) Infrastructure planning in Groningen: the effect of real-time data. Bachelor thesis.

Van Atten, M. (2020) Migrants and Obesity - Explaining BMI differences between native and non-native Dutch residents. Bachelor thesis.

Vedder, Kevin (2020) Neighbourhood liveability in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Bachelor thesis.

Veen, I. S. van der (2020) De N381: Een subjectief verkeersveilig wegontwerp? Bachelor thesis.

Vegter, Daan (2020) Mixed Climate Change Experiences and Travel Behaviour: About Diversity, Ambivalence, and Complexity. Master thesis.

Velalis, Theodosios (2020) AUTOMATED VEHICLES AND LAND – USES: The case study of Amsterdam city. Master thesis.

Veld, Robin ter (2020) Football clubs energy-neutral: How successful is the implementation of energy policies at football clubs in the Netherlands? Bachelor thesis.

Verhulst, S.M.E. (2020) The realisation of fast charging infrastructure. Public private partnerships and fast charging infrastructure in the Netherlands: governmental roles and responsibilities. Bachelor thesis.

Visser, Anne Sophie (2020) Tiny Houses in Nederlandse steden. Master thesis.

Vos, A.T. (2020) Changing governance and the Dutch energy transition. Master thesis.

Vos, Gisa (2020) Planning highways: right or just? An explorative study into the relationship between socioeconomic status and the planning of main road infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Vos, L.H. (2020) Pedestrian movement in shared space versus conventional road design. Bachelor thesis.

Vrancken, Eline (2020) Investigation in how the personal perceived safety in city parks is influenced, by its characteristics, in the city Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

van Dorsten, Q (2020) Geographical differences in synthetic drug waste dumping. Master thesis.

van Hout, Boro, Mr. (2020) Cultured meat and its disruptive potential for the Dutch meat industry: How to deal with effects of disruption? Master thesis.

van Lent, S.J. (2020) Influences of the spatial neighborhood layout on shaping child-friendly places. Bachelor thesis.

van Veelen, Enzo (2020) The impact of hurricanes on residential property value. Master thesis.


Walinga, A.N. (2020) Trainingsparticipatie van Europese zzp’ers. Master thesis.

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