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Adinafa, Moniq (2021) Indonesia Slum Upgrading Program: From collaborative to co-production. Master thesis.

Alkema, Jorn (2021) Reviving failed projects: Comparing the short term and long term performance in EU-funded airport failures. Bachelor thesis.

Altenburg, J.B. (2021) Paying for CO2 compensation when buying plane tickets: the perfect solution or a dangerous illusion? Bachelor thesis.

Andringa, Charissa (2021) Decentralization, you have to explain? A qualitative study into the municipal perspective on housing in the period after the abolition of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment and a possible comeback? Bachelor thesis.

Ark, Axl van (2021) Subjective well-being and proximity to large cities. Bachelor thesis.


Bakhuis, Roelof (2021) The effects of green labels on household satisfaction levels. Master thesis.

Bakker, Eva (2021) Van ideale woonwijk naar een wijk met problemen.. En weer terug? Een onderzoek naar de relatie tussen de stedenbouwkundige structuur van de wijk en het ontstaan van sociale problemen. Master thesis.

Bakker, Matthijs (2021) Airbnb listing prices in Amsterdam and distance to tourist spots. Master thesis.

Bakker, Robert (2021) Does the development of industrial sites influence the price of residential properties? Master thesis.

Bayrak, Serhat (2021) E-Participation in Berlin. Bachelor thesis.

Beaver, Kelsie (2021) The Fertility Intentions of Adult Third Culture Kids. Bachelor thesis.

Bechauf, Ronja (2021) Scaling Up Nature-Based Solutions for Flood Resilience: A Case Study Research About Suitable Governance Arrangements in Urban Areas. Master thesis.

Beelen, D. van (2021) Relative Income, Happiness and Urban-Rural Differentials: A quantitative study into the relationship between relative income andhappiness of urban and rural populations in England. Master thesis.

Beer, V. de (2021) Who Is Allowed to See The Trees? Bachelor thesis.

Beers, Tim van (2021) Explorative research into the correlation between the satisfaction of citizens, geographical proximity to municipal services, and social- economic factors within the municipalities of Groningen and Eindhoven. Bachelor thesis.

Bergsma, Johan (2021) Drone in last mile delivery services. Master thesis.

Bieze, Gijs (2021) Stadium development in the Netherlands: the effect on surrounding house prices. Master thesis.

Bijlsma, Thomas (2021) Government-led neighborhood redevelopment and livability: Balancing new responsibilities of key stakeholders in Amsterdam. Master thesis.

Bijma, M.J. (2021) The attachment to a stadium as a possible driving vector: looking at the role of De Kuip within the urban redevelopment of Rotterdam-Zuid. Master thesis.

Bleeker, R. (2021) A paradise, but not for the Randstad: How the existence of the idea of a rural idyll among Achterhoekers leads to a negative attitude towards migrants from the Randstad. Bachelor thesis.

Boer, Rosemarie den (2021) Happy Living on a Woonerf. Bachelor thesis.

Boertien, Roy (2021) Immersive Virtual Reality, a participatory-enhancing tool for collaborative spatial planning and design? Master thesis.

Bolt, E.I. (2021) Citizen Participation in Environmental Planning Processes. Bachelor thesis.

Bonekamp, Jerre (2021) The spatial distribution of urban greenspace from the city center, a case study for six European cities. Bachelor thesis.

Boomsma, Reinder F. (2021) Co-creation and the role of expert knowledge herein. A case study of the Hegewarren. Master thesis.

Bouwman, J. (2021) The Social Dimensions of Disasters: Understanding the Enschede Fireworks Disaster. Bachelor thesis.

Breunis, C.S. (2021) Transforming inner cities into Cities for People: How Zero Emission Zones and Futuring can influence this process. Bachelor thesis.

Brilman, J.T. (2021) Legacies of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, a Vancouver case study. Bachelor thesis.

Brink, Jordi van den (2021) Living in diverse neighbourhoods - the association between employment sectors and house prices in Amsterdam. Master thesis.

Brink, Julia (2021) Greenspaces and perceived mental wellbeing during COVID-19. Bachelor thesis.

Brink, Kaj ten (2021) The Influence of online platforms and COVID-19 on Overtourism. Master thesis.

Brink, Randy ten (2021) The parcel locker as a sustainable last-mile alternative: An explorative comparison between two neighbourhoods in the city of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Brinkman, Kjeld S. (2021) Motivations to (not) adapt spatiotemporal work patterns as innovative entrepreneur in times of the coronavirus pandemic. Bachelor thesis.

Brookhuis, Diede (2021) The sustainable urban transportation system transition: how shared e-scooters are perceived and used. Bachelor thesis.

Bruggemann, Daphné (2021) A quest to a self-sufficient and sustainable local food system: a case study of Reunion Island. Bachelor thesis.

Brugma, Laurens (2021) Exploring socio-demographic factors and the effect on well-being. Bachelor thesis.

Bruinsma, Koen (2021) A parent’s perspective on neighbourhood safety: How the built environment influence parent’s social safety perception. Pre-master thesis.

Bunk, Esther (2021) Exploring the effects of the social and built environment on perceived safety in urban parks. Bachelor thesis.

Burghgraef, G. (2021) The impact of COVID-19 on the academic performances of International Students. Bachelor thesis.

Busch, Leo (2021) How is the Olympiapark Munich (incl. Olympic village) an exemplary model for post-mega-event legacy planning and large scale sustainable urban design? Bachelor thesis.

Buser, Maaike Anne (2021) Willingness to use parcel lockers. A comparative case study of Groningen and Ten Boer. Bachelor thesis.

Busscher, Jacob C. (2021) Nature-based Solutions as Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development: A Climate Strategy Evaluation of Amsterdam, Hamburg and London. Bachelor thesis.

Busscher, Jesper (2021) Competences of place leaders in Local Energy Initiatives. A multi-case study of LEI’s in the provinces of Friesland and Groningen, the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Busschers, Thom (2021) The transition from shrinkage to ‘smart shrinkage’ in the Eemsdelta. Master thesis.

Butz, L (2021) Is the Regional Energy Strategy programme a useful tool to a renewable energy system? Master thesis.

Bädeker, Jan-Christoph (2021) Planning for Seaweed Optimism - Exploring Ecosystem-Based Marine Spatial Planning with the Case of the Norwegian Blue Kelp Forests. Master thesis.


Calabrese, Paolo (2021) Childhood cognitive skills and later life presence of chronic diseases: a life-course approach. Bachelor thesis.

Carrière, Justin (2021) Rainwater use in urban domestic gardens. Bachelor thesis.

Cawthorne-Nugent, Freddy (2021) Accessibility for physically disabled within a cycling city centre. Tensions of shared infrastructure; a Groningen case study. Master thesis.

Cekrezi, Eriko (2021) Spatial development in underutilized areas to promote children’s well-being based on children’s perceptions and preferences. Bachelor thesis.

Claus, Welmoed (2021) Building institutional capacity for climate policy integration: lessons from the city of Groningen. Master thesis.

Concannon, T (2021) How does citizen involvement in the Irish planning system impact mega-infrastructure projects such as the Dublin MetroLink project? Pre-master thesis.

Cornelissen, Max (2021) Investigating the Regional Employment Effects of Solo Self-Employed in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Czekay, Jannika (2021) Citizen participation: Analysing expectations and intentions during the participatory process of an urban regeneration project in Potsdam, Germany. Master thesis.


Daalman, Lynn (2021) Green Groningen: a case study on the effects of urban green on wellbeing. Bachelor thesis.

Daals, Silke (2021) De relatie tussen het schoolklimaat en de prestaties van leerlingen in het primair onderwijs. Master thesis.

Dallinga, Jasper (2021) New logistical flows in the inner city. Bachelor thesis.

Dallinga, Karsten (2021) Experiences of Dutch students who moved back to their parental home during the Covid-19 crisis in The Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Dam, Nathan van (2021) Do remote workers spend more time in urban green spaces? Bachelor thesis.

Danenberga, Annija (2021) Coastal flood resilience and socio-spatial justice of urban deltas by means of Ecosystem Services. Comparative study of initiatives in Rīga and Rotterdam. Bachelor thesis.

Deelstra, Tobias (2021) Between Modes and Levels. Master thesis.

Deen, Jochem van der (2021) Shared Logistic Systems with Logistic Hub: A durable contribution to Sustainable City Logistics? Bachelor thesis.

Dieben, S (2021) Water footprints in a changing climate. Bachelor thesis.

Diepeveen, Luuk I. (2021) "Stay at home", but which home? Master thesis.

Dietvorst, Lisa (2021) The relationship between urban green spaces and an individuals’ subjective wellbeing. A Groningen case study. Bachelor thesis.

Dijken, Carine van (2021) Energieneutraal en circulair bouwen, een goede match? Een vergelijkend onderzoek naar het materiaalgebruik en de kostenimplicaties van het energieneutraal en circulair bouwen van publiek vastgoed. Master thesis.


Dings, Kees (2021) Flood preparedness and community resilience in Southern Limburg. Bachelor thesis.

Doldersum, Mike (2021) The influence of Tourism on the Liveability in the Jordaan neighbourhood, Amsterdam. Bachelor thesis.

Donker, Lisa (2021) We stay home(less)! A research on the social space of homeless people and the impact of Covid-19. Master thesis.

Dontje, Daphne (2021) Sustainable Development in Funeral Practices. Bachelor thesis.

Driel, Anneke S.J.C. van (2021) IS IT WORTH THE WAIT? A quantitative study of the influence of waiting time on satisfaction with the dwelling and satisfaction with the neighborhood of social housing tenants in The Netherlands. Master thesis.

Drost, Lotte (2021) A transport equity analysis of a 2016 Olympic Games Legacy Project: Bus Rapid Transit in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bachelor thesis.

Drunen, L. van (2021) A Just Transition: Energy Regions in the Spotlight? Bachelor thesis.

Duim, Sjoerd (2021) The Urban Harvest Approach in North-West Europe. Bachelor thesis.

Duregger, Niek (2021) The asbestos roofing issue: An assessment of initiatives and governance arrangements for the removal of asbestos roofs in The Netherlands. Master thesis.


Eero, Cecilia (2021) Too young to care, too old to matter?- Meanings of historic event legacy buildings in the current day context. Bachelor thesis.

Emmett, Hegarty (2021) An exploratory case study of Policy Entrepreneurship in water management: Save Cork City and the Cork flood policy controversy. Pre-master thesis.

Ernstberger, Melissa (2021) A transnational family story: a narrative inquiry on the emotional and intergenerational notions of 'home'. Bachelor thesis.

Esselink, Niek (2021) END-USER VALUES IN PLACE BRANDING. Bachelor thesis.


Feenstra, Jouke (2021) Conditions for community-based adaptation to climate change: Multiple case study in the Netherlands about conditions that support community resilience through co-creation. Master thesis.

Feldmann, M. (2021) The role of policy entrepreneurs in integrated flood risk management approaches, ‘Building resilience’ in the North Sea Region. Master thesis.

Feng, Liuwenyue (2021) Agri-tourism and Rural Revitalization in China’s Peri-urban Areas: The Case of Dutang. Master thesis.

Fentener van Vlissingen, Merel (2021) The Urban ‘Regreeneration’ of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Firl, Katrin (2021) Gender Equality and Male-Body Based Contraceptive Use: Evidence from the German Family Panel. Master thesis.

Fois, Alessandro (2021) Empirical approach to the problem of point pattern analysis in case of geocoded data. Master thesis.

Fransen, L. (2021) The use of boundary spanners for a better collaboration in Public Private Partnerships. Bachelor thesis.

Freriks, Julian (2021) The Social-Cultural Impacts of a Festival and the Development of Regional Identity: A Case Study of the Zwarte Cross. Bachelor thesis.

Fuhler, Rick (2021) Willingness to Cooperate of Dutch Agricultural Stakeholders in the Nitrogen Debate. Bachelor thesis.


Gennip, Doo-Hwan van (2021) Stories about shrinkage: An analysis of planning narratives in the province of Groningen. Master thesis.

Giraldo Arriola, Andres (2021) Urban Agriculture, a mechanism to increase Community Resourcefulness and Develop Social Fabric. Bachelor thesis.

Goedhart, Ysabella (2021) No Place Like Home: The perception of home and identity for third culture kids. Bachelor thesis.

Gracianto, A.P. (2021) Revisiting Sofifi New Town Project Through Adaptive Approaches. Master thesis.

Grishkun, Alesya (2021) Winter Games in the Summer Capital: A Case Study on How Infrastructural Modifications Changed Tourism in Sochi. Bachelor thesis.


Grol, A.W. (2021) Success and failure factors in Public-Public Partnerships: A case study on Blauwestad. Pre-master thesis.

Groot, Ruben (2021) The Impact of COVID-19 on the integration process of refugees in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Gruetzmacher, Ilonka (2021) Islands and Sustainable Tourism Policies: A Global Exploration. Master thesis.

Guldemond, Daan (2021) The effect of neighbourhood cohesion of the desire to move. Master thesis.


Haan, Arnout de (2021) Reviewing Sustainable Urban Logistics from a capability approach perspective: A comparison on the impact for micro enterprises between the cities of Groningen and Zwolle. Pre-master thesis.

Haan, Sebastiën (2021) Impacts of Mega-events: How can the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, held in Rotterdam-Zuid, accelerate existing urban renewal projects in its deprived neighborhoods? Bachelor thesis.

Habekotté, Hannah (2021) Optimizing carsharing policies for a new generation - A quest on how to upscale carsharing as part of sustainable mobility systems in Dutch urban regions. Master thesis.

Haberle, David Christopher (2021) Food Tourism as a strategy for regional economic development - A case study comparison of cheese producing regions. Master thesis.

Haften, Hiske van (2021) The relationship between institutional investors and house prices: the case of Paris. Master thesis.

Hanekamp, Harmen (2021) Trots in Nederland: Een onderzoek naar het ruimtelijke patroon van trots in Nederland. Master thesis.

Hansen, Eva F. (2021) A spatial analysis of the recent stagnation in life expectancy in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Hansma, Marco (2021) Driving people insane - Are long commutes a threat to the labor market of Irvine? Master thesis.

Hartman, D.M. (2021) Socio-Spatial designs and Sense of Community. Master thesis.


Hayes, Alexander (2021) Where is the Wild? Master thesis.

Heeren, Rick Nicolaas (2021) Understanding migration motives to alleviate societal ageing challenges in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Heeres, Roosmarijn (2021) Mom, dad, I am going on an adventutre. Pre-master thesis.

Heeringa, Yildiz (2021) The social impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and the resilience of the hospitality sector: Learning from the Dutch Wadden Islands. Bachelor thesis.

Heerink, Jur (2021) The impact of changing rules-in-use on seizing a joint investment opportunity: a Combiplan Nijverdal case study. Bachelor thesis.

Hees, Igno van (2021) Vital sportsparks, the solution for a more active environment for the youth? Bachelor thesis.

Heesch, Luuk van (2021) Public REIT returns: the mechanism of leverage and diversification. Master thesis.

Heibrink, Twan (2021) The association between fear of crime and residential property values in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Helm, Nynke van der (2021) COMPARING CLIMATE STRATEGIES ON WATER MANAGEMENT. Bachelor thesis.

Helmholt, Wouter (2021) Environmental sustainability in mega-event planning and the institutional effects on the housing practice: A case study of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Bachelor thesis.

Herber, Meik (2021) Changes in intergenerational support between parents and children after parental retirement. Master thesis.

Heugten, Wies van (2021) The experiences and intentions of European labour migrants concerning integration in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Hoekman, Martijn (2021) Why are renewable energy projects receiving resistance in the time of climate change? A study on renewable energy and the resistance that it gets from communities in Nijeveen and Wanneperveen. Bachelor thesis.

Hoekstra, Ingmar (2021) Neighbourhood urban form affecting mental health in Utrecht. Bachelor thesis.

Hoekstra, Martijn (2021) Urban Green Space Accessibility: An Environmental Justice based Research. Bachelor thesis.

Hoeven, Ernst, van der (2021) Regional mortality inequalities in the Netherlands and the role of internal migration. Master thesis.

Holsappel, Maarten (2021) A corridor-wide, multi-criteria assessment of the Zaancorridor TOD project. Bachelor thesis.

Holtland, Timo (2021) Are Syrian refugees a potential solution to an aging Dutch labour market? Bachelor thesis.

Holzer, Philipp (2021) Assessment of flood risk management strategies in three case study cities around the globe. Bachelor thesis.

Hoogerhuis, Sjoerd (2021) A Ferrytale: Exploring the meaning of place of Amsterdam's ferry lines. Bachelor thesis.

Hoorn, Wout van (2021) Influence of socioeconomic status on settlement location of EU migrants in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Horlings, Thom (2021) Future Freshwater Availability of Cape Town. Bachelor thesis.

Houthooft, Coen (2021) The spatial preference of Dutch firms. Master thesis.

Hutten, Danique (2021) The effects of the sale of social housing complexes to commercial investors on the residential satisfaction of tenants. Master thesis.


Isa, Muhammad Hidayat (2021) The housing preferences of workers in Jakarta. Master thesis.


Jankowski, Filip (2021) How do economic, political and social factors play a role in Ukraine-Poland migration. Bachelor thesis.

Jansen, Maxime F. (2021) Analysing and comparing sustainability strategies from an economically profitability perspective. Bachelor thesis.


Janz, Graham (2021) Openness To Degrowth Housing in Veendam (Centre). Master thesis.

Jetten, Patrick (2021) Perceptions of people working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions on the meaning of 'home'. Pre-master thesis.

Jong, T. de (2021) ‘’As a Black person, it’s not necessarily a place you ever have a reason to go to.’’ - The Impact of (Removed) Confederate Monuments on Place Attachment - a qualitative analysis of Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Master thesis.

Jonge, Michelle de (2021) DO TOURISTS’ VALUE URBAN GREEN SPACE? Master thesis.

Joustra, Gerrit (2021) The Effect of Institutional Rules on Collective Action. Bachelor thesis.


Kallevik, Vigleik Kold (2021) The effect of six vehicle-free pilot areas on nearby housing prices in Oslo. Master thesis.

Kaman, Kirsten Mattanja (2021) An analysis of responsibility in voluntourism practices. Master thesis.

Kampen, Diego van (2021) Groningen as Incubator for Temporary Housing: an explorative study. Bachelor thesis.

Kamsma, S. (2021) Linking Covid-19 prevalence to measures of residential density: Does Covid-19 thrive in denser areas? Bachelor thesis.

Karczewski, Alexander (2021) Examining the Effects of Urban Form Factors, High-Integrated Streets, and Topological choice on Bicycle Usage in Rotterdam. Master thesis.

Kats, Mirjam (2021) Supporting Green Citizen Initiatives: A case study on actor roles for stimulation and facilitation of citizen initiatives for urban greenspace in Groningen. Master thesis.

Keijer, Anna Margareta (2021) Adolescenten stimuleren om te bewegen - Studie naar de kansen en barrières van bewegen onder adolescenten uit lage SES-groepen in Groningen en hoe deze inzichten planologen kunnen helpen bij het opzetten van goede beweeginterventies. Master thesis.

Keijzer, Coen (2021) Urban ecological principles as a driver of sustainable urban development - An assessment of four European forerunners. Bachelor thesis.

Kema, S.L. (2021) “You think about your children” - Understanding schemas on gender roles and gender equality of higher educated women in Uganda. Master thesis.


Kloos, Tom, M. (2021) Making Hamburg a cycling city through Smart Velomobility. An investigative research on how Hamburg can use Smart Velomobility to achieve their mobility transition objectives. Master thesis.

Knoester, Ruben K. (2021) Coastal Visitors’ Journey in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Knol, Robert (2021) Wind mill park planning in the Netherlands - a conflict between global and local interests. Master thesis.

Koekkoek, Tamara (2021) ‘Dig in’ to the roots of urban community gardening: A study on environmental stewardship in community gardening initiatives. Master thesis.

Koldijk, Lieke (2021) Cultural heritage proximity and its effect on subjective well-being: a case study in Groningen, the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Kolodziejczyk, Albert (2021) Governing the festival city. Exploring means of citizen participation in mega-event planning, study case on Edinburgh festivals. Bachelor thesis.

Koning, Helena (2021) Experiences of Dutch adolescents engaging in online education at home during the corona pandemic. Bachelor thesis.

Konstantinis, Alvertos (2021) The rise of AfD in Germany: A spatial econometrics approach. Master thesis.

Koopman, Jeroen (2021) Regional differences in loneliness among Polish migrants in the Netherlands: The impact of environmental factors. Master thesis.

Kops, Yannick (2021) The impact of socioeconomic factors on the sense of belonging amongst German academics in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Korpela, Anton (2021) The influence of socio-economic factors on the relationship between proximity to amenities and happiness in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Korpela, Tuukka (2021) Social Media Logic in Interorganizational Boundary Spanning: the Case of European Green Capital Award 2021. Bachelor thesis.

Koster, Rob (2021) Demand-responsive and sustainable ways of (public) transport to keep shrinking regions in Groningen accessible. Master thesis.

Kreijkes, Rik (2021) Location factors for circular businesses. A research examining location factors for circular businesses on business park de Steiger in Almere, the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Kremers, Jorn (2021) Child-friendly neighbourhoods. The influence of car-free neighbourhoods on child-friendliness and the potential benefits of the reclaimed space. Bachelor thesis.

Kruif, Perry C.L. de (2021) The Influence of Entrepreneurs on Brownfield Revitalization. Bachelor thesis.

Kubistova, Tereza (2021) The institutional context of tourism and the perception of tourism by residents who grew up in Communist Europe. Master thesis.

Kumara, Lydia Aulia (2021) Understanding placemaking and place attachment for achieving sustainable cities: analysing sensory encounters of leisure places in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Master thesis.

Kunst, Sander A.M. (2021) Childless elderly: The influence of not having children on your mental health. Bachelor thesis.


Labee, Ayleen (2021) Multifunctional Urban Agriculture in Local Policies - Amsterdam Case Study. Master thesis.

Lacombe, Stéphanie-Fabienne (2021) The emotional experience of urban cycling and its role for planning - the case of Berlin. Master thesis.

Laman, Ruben (2021) From Plan to Reality(?): The Influence of Informal Soft Planning on Climate Adaptation. Learning lessons from past informal soft plans through plan-evaluation to enhance the relevancy of future plans. Master thesis.

Landman, Chelvan (2021) Place Attachment Disruptions on Terschelling: the Case of Eilân Festival. Master thesis.

Lassche, Else (2021) Settlement patterns of Hispanic migrants in California and Texas. Bachelor thesis.

Leereveld, Theun (2021) Explaining cost overrun in Dutch infrastructure projects by the influence of boundary spanning activities. Bachelor thesis.

Leman, Jacob (2021) Comparing the perceived barriers to accessing support services at the University of Groningen for internationals and native students. Bachelor thesis.

Lindhout, Nika (2021) Reducing the Health Inequality Gap: Design Thinking to Create Healthier Neighborhoods for People with a Low Socioeconomic Status. Master thesis.

Lith, Pleun N.J. van (2021) Food waste in the municipality of Groningen. Master thesis.

Locadia, Pablo (2021) The Arena of shared mobility. Pre-master thesis.

Luitse, Femke (2021) The influence of place attachment on residential satisfaction. A study on a sample from the Dutch population. Pre-master thesis.

Lunshof, Mariëlle (2021) The choice for railway as a mode of transport for tourism within Europe among Dutch tourists. Bachelor thesis.


Madden, Niall (2021) Comparative analysis of energy cooperatives in the Netherlands and Ireland. Bachelor thesis.

Mardell, Hamish (2021) Planning for pedestrians: Shared space transformation in a cycling dominant inner-city. Bachelor thesis.

Martinez-Moro, Dennis (2021) Bicycle Highway Implementation - The Contribution of Public Provincial Actors in Realizing Ambitions. Master thesis.

Martini, Eduard (2021) Social sustainability efficacy opportunities: A multi-method analysis of social sustainability in two construction projects in the pre-construction phase. Master thesis.

Meerstra, Youri (2021) Perceived safety of cargo bikes: A barrier against a "greener future"? Bachelor thesis.

Menezes, Havana-Kay (2021) The Influence of Temporary Urbanism on the Grote Markt. Bachelor thesis.

Mensinga, Paulien I. (2021) The influence of young adult stayers' participation on the future liveability in depopulating rural areas. Master thesis.

Meppelink, Tobias (2021) Who are Amsterdam’s gentrifiers? Master thesis.

Mijnheer, Lieke (2021) Stimulating water conscious behaviour: the influence of personal and external characteristics on domestic water consumption. Bachelor thesis.

Minderman, Elna (2021) Guardian of Dutch regional water management: The reinvention of the expertise role of the Dutch regional water authority Noorderzijlvest to govern for climate change adaptation. Master thesis.

Moen, Pelle (2021) Hyperscaling the Polders: A study on energy (in)just plans for the implementation of datacentres & wind farms internationally and local community perception in The Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Moerman, D. (2021) The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on rural tourism in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Mohamed, Zakaria Abdishakur (2021) Can the ports located in the Wadden Sea region be front runners in the energy transition and environmental planning? Master thesis.


Mollema, A.H. (Heleen) (2021) How does your type of neighbourhood influence your health? A quantitative study of the influence of Dutch neighbourhood types on local physical and mental health. Master thesis.

Mos, Ennio T. (2021) Implications of the 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar on the human rigths of labour migrants working in the construction sector. Bachelor thesis.

Möhlmann, Lynn (2021) Exploring the impact of the local professional football club on the residents' place image of a post-industrial municipality in the Netherlands: A case study research of the municipality of Emmen. Master thesis.


Naber, Martine (2021) The role of proximity and networks for policy in the transformation to a circular economy. Master thesis.

Nanlohy, Milo (2021) Collaborative Landslide Risk Management in Rio de Janeiro. Master thesis.

Nijboer, W. (2021) Risk of retail real estate during the Covid-19 pandemic. Bachelor thesis.

Nijborg, Hendri (2021) Influence of municipal mergers on election outcomes. Bachelor thesis.

Noordveld, Milan (2021) Foreign-born employment dynamics across the Nordic region. Bachelor thesis.

Noya, Sarah (2021) The relationship between the Dutch farmers protest on October 1st 2019 and the social media attention that the protest received. Master thesis.


Oenema, Geziena (2021) Game over - offshore wind development in the case: North Sea Wind Power Hub. Pre-master thesis.

Onvlee, Lizzy (2021) The influence of corona on the daily lives of young adults living in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Onwuachu, N.O. (2021) The difference in impact of the corona measures on the well-being of Amsterdam citizens. Bachelor thesis.

Oost, Thijs (2021) The Influence of Environmental Awareness on Car Usage in the North of the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Oostenbrink, Mark (2021) Relating Consumers’ Perceived utility of Water Footprints to Reducing Water Consumption. Bachelor thesis.

Oosterveld, Maurice (2021) Breaking Barriers To Communication: Using boundary spanning activities to facilitate integration in IRBM projects. Master thesis.

Osinga, Diede (2021) The influence of the boundary spanner on participation within Green Infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Oskam, Michelle C. (2021) Drivers of retail vacancy pre-Covid19: The effect of building and location factors. Master thesis.

Oud, Martijn (2021) A climate mitigation strategy analysis of the most- and least sustainable cities of the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Oude Weernink, Elke (2021) Ondernemerschapsbeleid: een aanjager van succes? Een onderzoek onder 62 gemeenten in Nederland. Master thesis.


Paauwe, Maurits (2021) Assessing the Effect of Bike Lane Construction on Surrounding Property Values in Paris, France – A Quantitative Approach. Master thesis.

Parboni Arquati Goenaga, Paolo (2021) Analysing locational choices during graduates’ transition into the labour market. Bachelor thesis.

Parliarou, Angeliki (2021) Non-performing loans and house prices: Evidence from Greece. Master thesis.

Pasaribu, Junita Monika (2021) Abundance but Thirsty: Governing Water Supply Provision to Prevent Scarcity in Tanjungpinang City, Indonesia. Master thesis.

Peng, Yishi (2021) The influence of micro renovation on human well-being -- case studies of Guangzhou, China. Master thesis.

Perik, T.S. (2021) Rural Tourism as Holy Grail for Rural Communities: A Twente case study. Bachelor thesis.

Philipsen, Kai (2021) Mobility as a service in rural Netherlands. Master thesis.

Pohle, Philip (2021) The Ecological Modernization Discourse and the Community Acceptance of Large-scale Wind Power Projects in the Netherlands: A Problematic Marriage for Policy-making A case-study of Windfarm N33. Master thesis.

Popma, Vincent (2021) Support base for hydrogen economy Groningen-Assen: Motives and regional impact of firms implementation of the hydrogen economy. Master thesis.

Post, Matthias Jaimy (2021) The emerging role of Demand Responsive Transportation in public transport. Bachelor thesis.

Pott, Mathijs Bastiaan (2021) How ESG performance is associated with lower cost of debt of US Real Estate Investment Trusts. Master thesis.

Prekadini, Lira (2021) Differing Contributing Factors to Educational Successes of Former Yugoslavian Refugees and Natives in the Netherlands; a Qualitative Analysis. Bachelor thesis.

Preter, Eline, E.M.L. de (2021) Transitioning between Workplaces: Understanding white-collar workers’ perspectives on working from home and the working in the post-pandemic workplace based on the self-determination theory. Bachelor thesis.

Pries, Hendrik Willem (2021) Multifunctionaliteit & klimaatadaptiviteit in waterplanning. Master thesis.

Prins, Per (2021) Strategies for increasing adoption of green roofs in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

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