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Aalderink, Yanniek (2023) Depreciation in the commercial real estate market. Master thesis.

Aarnink, Merle L. (2023) Urban stress(-ors) in the city of Groningen: valuing urban wellbeing through the use of softGIS. Bachelor thesis.

Alexandrescu, Luca (2023) Exploring the Walkability of Urban Streets: A Composite Index Analysis of Five Streets in Bucharest, Romania. Bachelor thesis.

Alford, Derek (2023) How newly emerging collaborative spaces are changing the role of the citizen within smart cities. Master thesis.

Amici, Leone (2023) Repopulation policies: perceived impacts on sense of community, place attachment, and marginalization of the communities of the Susa and Po valleys of Piemonte, Italy. Bachelor thesis.

Anastasopoulou, M. (2023) Stakeholder engagement for nature-based solutions – A collaborative approach for climate adaptation at the urban environment. Master thesis.

Andersen, Philip (2023) The Impact of Worker Influx of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. Bachelor thesis.


Baas, Raoul (2023) Households, Housing Tenure, and Living Space Compared Between Different Regions and Housing Markets in the Netherlands. Pre-master thesis.

Bader, Naomi L. (2023) Mental Health of Ageing Migrants and Non-Migrants in Europe. Master thesis.

Bargen, Merle Karoline von (2023) Social Aspects of Infrastructure Development - The case of the M10 tram line extension in Moabit, Berlin. Bachelor thesis.

Bastmeijer, Zita (2023) Perception of neighborhood quality and the role of urban green spaces. Bachelor thesis.

Beer, Victor C. de (2023) 'In gelul kan je niet wonen'. Master thesis.

Berends, Sina (2023) Implementation of Floating Photovoltaics in the German Marine Space - Feasibility, Potentials and Barriers for the Multi-Use of Marine Space of the North Sea for Renewable Offshore Energy. Master thesis.

Berghof, Anouck (2023) Ageing Socially: The role of social infrastructure on elderly people's capability to age-in-place. Master thesis.

Bertholet, Louise (2023) Shaping car mobility: the urban form of cities influencing future car usage. Bachelor thesis.

Blauw, Emiel (2023) The rise of bottom-up initiatives in the Dutch agricultural sector. Master thesis.


Bloem, Remco (2023) (Spatial) resilience in the context of drought. Moving beyond the abstractness of the concept of resilience. A case study of the area of water authority De Dommel in the province of Brabant in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Bochert, Carlotta (2023) Frailty of Older Migrants in Europe – Gendered Dynamics? Master thesis.

Boekhout, Jim (2023) The accessibility of sexual and reproductive health for young adults through the lens of health literacy. Bachelor thesis.

Boer, Marcel de (2023) Housing and Well-being: The influence of housing on the well-being of international students in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Boer, R.C.L. den (2023) Liveable Neighbourhoods: How Dutch Housing Associations Engage with the Social Aspect of Liveability. Master thesis.

Boer, Robert A.A. den (2023) Creating Space for Sustainable Communities. Master thesis.

Bogema, Fleur (2023) Pattern in Fertility Rates in Rural and Urban areas in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Bolhuis, L.A.J. van (2023) The image of the rural by urban and rural inhabitants. Bachelor thesis.

Bos, Lisa (2023) Influence of festivals on place identity: A case study about Sneek and Sneekweek. Bachelor thesis.

Bosma, Lisa (2023) Population Dynamics in Fryslân: Exploring the Future Demographic Landscape through Projections and Variants. Master thesis.

Bouwman, J. (2023) Spatial Context of Social Integration: Gentrification in Amsterdam-Noord. Master thesis.

Boyadzhieva, Lilia (2023) The Neighbourhood Factors That Make Young People Depressed: How Urban Planning Can Promote Better Subjective Well-Being. Bachelor thesis.

Braber, Jeffrey (2023) Rural experiences of ageing in place in Ooltgensplaat, the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Brandwagt, T. (2023) Road to Renewal: Reshaping Infrastructure for a Sustainable Mobility Renaissance. Bachelor thesis.

Braun, Marcus (2023) Public Participation and Sustainable Urban Development in High-End Business Districts: The Case of Amsterdam’s Zuidas Project. Master thesis.

Brookhuis, Diede (2023) The rural accessibility challenge: how ride-sharing can improve the mobility of rural elderly. Bachelor thesis.

Buikema, S.E.J. (2023) Supporting tourism: improving the spatial aspects of inner city leisure areas The case study of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Buitenhuis, Ian Benjamin (2023) The effect of energy demand on energy citizenship in The Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Burgler, Jesse (2023) The Socioeconomic Heat Transition. Master thesis.

Burhorn, Helena (2023) Integrating Nature-Based Solutions into Flood Risk Management. Master thesis.

Bănuță, Andrei (2023) The world is flat after all. Master thesis.


Cai, Yinkun (2023) Research on stakeholders of art district governance from the perspective of social network: A case study of Songzhuang art district. Master thesis.

Caskie, Andrew (2023) The Long Shadow of Childhood Migration: An Investigation into Path Dependency in Migration Intentions. Bachelor thesis.

Chan, Shun Wing (2023) Religious participation and the perceived well-being of seniors in Hong Kong. Bachelor thesis.

Chen, Tyler (2023) Exploring the Relationship between Social Engagement and Well-being of International Students in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Chlebecová, Zuzana (2023) Spatial patterns and characteristics of coworking spaces in Bratislava. Bachelor thesis.

Clark, James (2023) Reshaping Urban Mobility: The Confluence of Citizen Participation and Governmental Policies in Post-Pandemic Athens, Greece. Pre-master thesis.

Cleeves, Maike Susan (2023) Prevent droughts and build climate resilience in the Upper Rhine Plain in Southern Palatinate. Master thesis.

Cosijn, Willem Anthonie Endre (2023) The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the demand for office workplaces in the Netherlands: reimagining the workplace. Master thesis.

Croft, Anna (2023) Producing Social Capital in a Transient State; The Impact of Displacement on a Cultural Institute in Amsterdam. Pre-master thesis.


Dahl, Sissal (2023) Knitting the Faroes: understanding island change through the social infrastructures of women’s everyday lives. Master thesis.

Dam, P. van (2023) Place attachment of rural villages in the north of the Netherlands: a case study in the municipality of Noordenveld. Bachelor thesis.

Degano, Giacomo (2023) Challenges Faced by Rural Students Attending Urban Higher Education - A comparative analysis between Northwestern Europe and the USA. Bachelor thesis.

Delchev, Yordan (2023) Art as the bullet in the gentrification gun. The case of Amsterdam. Master thesis.

Diennabila, Syifasari (2023) Unachieved Fertility Desire in Indonesia: Which couples are overachieving in their desire? Master thesis.

Dijkema, Jasper (2023) Solar PV Development in North-Africa. Bachelor thesis.

Dijkman, Maarten (2023) Automation and the Risk of Job Loss: The Case of German Regions. Bachelor thesis.

Dijkstra, Daan Pieter (2023) Urban Greenery: An in- depth look at urban parks in relation to the perceived health of two neighbourhoods in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Dijkstra, M.C.J. (2023) The perceptions of LGBTQ young adults on rural communities in the North of the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Dijkstra, Michelle (2023) Implementing sustainable urban drainage measures to remedy pluvial flooding in the city of Zwolle: barriers and opportunities. Bachelor thesis.

Doorne, Marlene van (2023) Hubs and chances for behavioural change. Master thesis.

Dos Anjos Marques, Júlia (2023) Unravelling Brazil's Institutional Changes in Environmental Governance from 2003 to 2023. Master thesis.

Drooge, Enya van (2023) Immigrants' challenges of integration into the Dutch labour market. Pre-master thesis.

Drumeva, Albena (2023) The Role of Urban Planning and Design in Generating Urban Vibrancy. A comparative study between Edinburgh and Berlin. Bachelor thesis.

Duim, Linda van der (2023) The role of branding and sustainable tourism in the 'touristic ecosystem'; a case study of Ameland. Bachelor thesis.

Duin, Jolien (2023) A longitudinal analysis of the role of age and income in housing tenure preferences and outcomes: a comparison of 2006 and 2021. Master thesis.

Durkac, Samuel (2023) A post-structural qualitative analysis of queer desired health and its effect on queer migration. Bachelor thesis.


Echten, Sander (2023) Shaking up the Market: Assessing the Effects of Earthquakes on Real Estate Prices in Groningen. Master thesis.

Eijssen, H. (2023) The differences in perceived livability in historical areas and New Urbanist developments in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Elzenga, Leonneke (2023) Tactical Urbanism Approaches and the Quality Of Public Space In Sustainable Urban Development: A Case Study In Berlin. Bachelor thesis.

Elzinga, Dieuwke (2023) Subjective wellbeing and trust in governance of citizens in the EU. Master thesis.

Elzinga, Job (2023) Building Better Together? Bachelor thesis.

Elzinga, Rianne (2023) Exploring the Elements of Public Spaces and its Effects on the Mental Health of Generation Z. Bachelor thesis.

Engels, Alexander R.W. (2023) THE INFLUENCE OF AGE ON LIVEABILITY PERCEPTIONS. A qualitative study for the relation between different stadia of life, liveability perceptions and governmental legislation, in regards to demographic decline. Master thesis.

Evans, Nicholas (2023) Realising Energy Democracy: Observations from Dutch and Irish Energy Communities. Bachelor thesis.

Exel, J.M. (2023) Exploring Perceptions of Flexwonen: Benefits and Challenges in the Dutch Housing Market. Bachelor thesis.


Farber, Alec, Mr. (2023) “We Have to Hold Their Hand” . Differences Among the London Boroughs in Forming Public-Private Sector Relationships To Build New Housing. Master thesis.

Feenstra, Olaf (2023) Boundary spanning communication strategy choice in the aftermath of a tragedy: a qualitative case study of the Morandi bridge collapse and the building of the Ponte San Giorgio in Genova. Bachelor thesis.

Fichte, Lennart (2023) How Institutions Affect, Delay and Hamper Infrastructure planning and implementation processes; An Analysis on the Effect of Institutional Complexity on Project Performance in Germany and the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Folgerts, Bart (2023) Assessing the Impact of Shared Dockless E-scooters in the Friedrichstraβe, Berlin. Bachelor thesis.

Formen, Jessica (2023) Mind the Gap. Master thesis.

Foyle, Rory (2023) Switching tracks: Railway stations as sites for renewable energy generation in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Freriks, Julian (2023) Stock Market Reactions to REIT Green Bond Issuance Announcements. Master thesis.

Froehlich, Jule (2023) "Better together" – Co-production for resilient and legitimate Flood Risk Governance: A Bremen Case Study. Master thesis.

Frowijn, Luuk (2023) Fertility mosaic: explaining fertility differences between Dutch municipalities. Master thesis.

Frye, Henriette (2023) A comparison across tenure types: Focusing on housing cooperatives, how do the tenure types of rental, homeownership and housing cooperatives in Germany affect the residents and their well-being in terms of affordability, security, and socialization? Bachelor thesis.

Fuchs, Janina, J.F.F. (2023) Co-locating Desalination Plants and Reverse Electrodialysis A Systematic Literature Review on Economic and Technical Barriers. Master thesis.


Geer, Amé van de (2023) How do parental experiences with nature during their childhood influence the transmission of environmental values to their own children? Understanding parents motivation to stimulate their children to engage with nature. Bachelor thesis.

Gent, Valentijn van (2023) Inequity by proximity: analysing inequity in public green spaces caused by the 15-minute city. Bachelor thesis.

Geres, S.K. (2023) The effect of ESG performance on the financial performance of US REITs. Master thesis.

Gerritsen, Jildou (2023) The Impact of Urban Green Space Renewal on Social Justice: A Case Study of Bessemoerpark, Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Geurs, Emmeline S. (2023) Examining the Effect of Parental Socioeconomic Capabilities on the Relationship between Childhood Nutrition and BMI using the KiGGS Baseline Study. Bachelor thesis.

Geurts, Marijn (2023) Assessing the alignment of objective and perceived walkability measures with reported favourite walking routes. Master thesis.

Godier, Christopher (2023) Back on Track: Increasing Dutch Train Ridership using the Node-Place Model. Master thesis.

Gouma, Anke (2023) The rise of mergers and acquisitions in real estate: An event study regarding the value creation effect of twenty-first-century real estate investment trust takeovers in the United States. Master thesis.

Graaf, J. de (2023) Residential Mobility of Older Adults in the Netherlands: Investigating the ability to relocate in expensive housing markets. Bachelor thesis.

Grieken, Helena A. van (2023) How public participation methods help overcome social barriers in the case of Amsterdam Rainproof. Bachelor thesis.

Grit, M.J. (2023) The Role of Governance within the Sustainability Performance of Public-Private Partnerships. Master thesis.

Groenhagen, Thomas (2023) Comparing AI-generated- and conventional images in raising public awareness on the potential impacts of sea level rise in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Groot, Rienk de (2023) Building child-friendly neighbourhoods in Súdwest-Fryslân. Pre-master thesis.


Haagsma, Melle (2023) Chatbot speaking, how can I help you? Bachelor thesis.

Haan, S.L.H. (2023) The role of planning to housing. Master thesis.

Haasdijk, Carmen (2023) Shaping Solar Horizons: Exploring Policy and Expert Envisioning of Socio-Technical Imaginaries in Ouarzazate’s Solar Development. Master thesis.

Halawi, Ali (2023) Circular Economy Principles to a zero-waste Approach in Lebanon. Master thesis.

Hankamp, Bas (2023) Transit Oriented Development in the Netherlands: key strategies for development and implementation. Master thesis.

Hannema, Patrick (2023) Influence citizen initiatives on social cohesion. Master thesis.

Harst, Maria van der (2023) Using AI to Tailor Image-Based Environmental Campaigns; The role of place attachment, sense of place, type and level of climatic effects shown. Bachelor thesis.

Hartman, Margreet (2023) COVID-19 and Counter Urbanization? An Investigation of Residential Price Trends in Flevoland and Surrounding Areas Between 2018 and 2021. Master thesis.

Havinga, Teun (2023) Enhacing Innovation Ecosystems: An Analysis of Cross-Border Collaboration in the North Netherlands region. Master thesis.

Hebner, Bridgit (2023) Who is Watching the Kid Tonight? The Effects of Informal Childcare on First Childbearing Decisions in Sweden. Bachelor thesis.

Heeres, Johannes Pieter (2023) The influence of travel satisfaction to university on the life satisfaction of students in Groningen, the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Heeringa, Yildiz (2023) Urban Planning Strategies for Promoting Child-Friendly Cities – An Analysis of the 10-Minute City Concept in Utrecht. Master thesis.

Heicks, Hanna (2023) At home in the world? How mobility shapes digital nomads’ perceptions of home. Bachelor thesis.

Heidema, Leonie (2023) Living in the shadow of the solar park - Analysing the community and stakeholder engagement of the realisation of the solar park located in Wanneperveen, The Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.


Heinen, Wouter (2023) The Desire to do an Exchange Semester: Obstacles and Motivations When Going Abroad. Bachelor thesis.

Herfkens, Sascha (2023) Markets at the frontline of gentrification. A comparative analysis of the longstanding weekly market and the new upscale market and their function within their gentrifying neighborhoods. Master thesis.

Hevink, Bob (2023) What is the impact of stations Noord and Noorderpark of the Noord/Zuidlijn on local house prices in Amsterdam? Master thesis.

Hofmann, Elias (2023) The effect of moving distance on income returns in Germany. Master thesis.

Hollink, Bart (2023) A quantitative analysis of the spatial characteristics of households trapped in energy poverty in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Holsappel, Maarten (2023) Testing the interplay between immersive virtual reality and spatial analysis in urban design. Master thesis.

Holsteijn, Viënna van (2023) The influence of tax-free wealth transfer on housing consumption in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Hoorn, Wout van (2023) From Numbers to Experience: Investigating the influence of socioeconomic, demographic, and residential factors on perceived liveability shifts in the province of Groningen. Master thesis.

Huiding, Julia (2023) Exploring circular initiatives in the dairy industry; A multi-case study of production companies and their networks. Master thesis.

Hutzezon, M (2023) Help! No bus to get to the supermarket: The relationship between perceived liveability and accessibility for older people in Groningen and Drenthe. Master thesis.


Inge, Vaughan van (2023) Mitigating Urban Heat Islands through sustainable development. Bachelor thesis.

Iriawan, Namira (2023) Navigating the Path towards Sustainable Development Goal 11: An Evaluation of Jakarta's Local Plans. Bachelor thesis.

Isworo, Ekannisa (2023) The Social Impacts of Large-Scale Land Acquisition on Local Communities Livelihood (The Case of New Yogyakarta International Airport, Indonesia). Master thesis.

Iwaarden, Gonneke van (2023) "Exploring Migration Intentions and Education Choices Among Adolescents from the Wadden ". Master thesis.


Jagernath, Anisha (2023) Mixed-ownership complex(ity): A case study about the effect of the sale of social housing on the energy affordability of homeowners living in mixed-ownership complexes in the province of Groningen. Master thesis.

Jahja, Sebastiana (2023) Exploring the Relationship between Air Pollution and Housing Prices in Owner-occupied and Rental Housings in the United States of America. Master thesis.

Jansen, Cedric (2023) In een andere functie treden - Kwantitatief onderzoek naar transformatie van stedelijke bedrijventerreinen naar woningen in de stad Groningen: het effect op de waarde van bestaande koopwoningen in het nabijgelegen gebied. Master thesis.

Janssen Jouwsma, Susan (2023) Newcomers in the Transvaalwijk in Leeuwarden. Pre-master thesis.

Jekabsons, Markuss (2023) Urban green spaces and mental well-being. Bachelor thesis.

Jobarteh, Penda (2023) Examining the Impacts of Road Construction on Quality of Life: A Case Study of the Bertil Harding Highway Widening Project in The Gambia. Bachelor thesis.

Jones, Stephen (2023) The influence of boundary spanning by private developers on public support for housing-led urban regeneration projects, A comparative case study of former industrial inner-city areas in the Netherlands and UK. Bachelor thesis.

Jong, Dorien R. de (2023) Without a Happy Mother, a Family Cannot Thrive – Professionals’ Reasoning for Providing Breastfeeding Support: A Qualitative Study in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Jong, Linde de (2023) Evaluation of a series of sustainable growth concepts to support affordability A case study of the Metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon. Bachelor thesis.

Jong, Mark de (2023) The influence of the mix of modalities on the walking safety of older adults in Zwolle, Groningen, and Utrecht. Bachelor thesis.

Jong, Niels de (2023) The importance of context for the perceived cycling safety. A research into how urban and rural contexts impact the perceived safety differently. Master thesis.


Kampen, Diego van (2023) Encouraging Building Initiatives in Inner-City Development: Perceptions of Public Authorities and Developers in the Dutch Real Estate Market. Master thesis.

Kamphuis, Bouke (2023) The Dutch Nitrogen Crisis and its Effects on the Development of Real Estate. Master thesis.

Kamstra, Karin (2023) The influence of European Integration on convergence in life expectancy between Dutch border- and non-border regions: A longitudinal analysis between 1988-2021. Master thesis.

Kayser, Albert (2023) Tax evasion of state owned corporations The case of the Dutch National Railways. Bachelor thesis.

Keegan, Fiona (2023) The Role a Feathered Nest Plays in the Likelihood of a Young Adult Returning to the Parental Home in the Netherlands: An Explanatory Analysis using Dutch Register Data. Master thesis.

Kemp, Ruben (2023) Implementation of energy transitions in housing: addressing energy poverty on a local scale. A reflexive case study of the municipality of Oldambt. Bachelor thesis.

Kibhisa, Motatiro (2023) Megacity Transition; Evaluating Sustainable Development in Dar es Salaam. Bachelor thesis.

Klaphek, Michel van 't (2023) Smart office, happy tenants? Master thesis.

Kluivingh, Minke (2023) Let’s Take Care of the Neighbourhood! Reciprocity in a Neighbourhood with a Healthcare Building: a Case Study in Appingedam. Master thesis.

Koers, Michiel (2023) To what extent are migrants from the Islamic world and their descendants discriminated against in the Dutch labour market? Bachelor thesis.

Kolodziejczyk, Albert (2023) Bicycle (Revolution) Thieves - Exploring barriers to modal shift to cycling in Milan. Master thesis.

Korpela, Anton (2023) Finland’s push for energy independence through geothermal heat pumps. Master thesis.

Korzjukov, Aleksander (2023) The Impact of Socio-Economic Status and Energy-Transition Policies on Energy Citizenship Through Materialized Participation in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Krause, Carina (2023) The silence of the vuvuzelas - the importance of SIA Follow-up in mega events. Master thesis.

Kroeske, Thor (2023) Home to those who are never home (Digital nomads and their relation and perception of home). Bachelor thesis.

Kuijper, David (2023) Navigating Shifting Policies: The Impact of National Government Actions on the Role of Local Planners in Middle-Income Housing Production in Amsterdam. Master thesis.

Kunos, Csenge (2023) How can one sustain a sense of home on the road? Bachelor thesis.


Laan, Durk van der (2023) Ownership Structure and Community Acceptance of Solar Power Plants in ‘Energy Province’ Groningen, NL. Bachelor thesis.

Labee, Ayleen (2023) Rising fuel prices and car dependency: Coping mechanisms of households in rural areas. Master thesis.

Langley, Anna Mae (2023) Neighbourhood quality attainment for starters on the housing market: a longitudinal case study of Groningen (2009-2018). Master thesis.

Lazeroms, Godefridus (2023) Perceptions of green gentrification in Leeuwarden. Bachelor thesis.

Leereveld, Theun (2023) Comparison of predicted and actual tranquility in Woonerf streets ''An Assessment of streetscape greenery and sound levels using a Green View Index and mobile sound measurements''. Master thesis.

Leman, Jacob (2023) Young People and the Third Place: A Case-Study of High Wycombe, UK. Master thesis.

Leuninge, Stefanie (2023) The Effect of Adolescents’ Physical Activity Levels on Physical Health Outcomes. Bachelor thesis.

Li, Guotai (2023) How is spatial governance changing under the construction of new relations of production? -- Based on the case study of Jiangling Village, Guangdong Province. Master thesis.

Lindenhovius, J. (2023) Factors influencing satisfaction with public transport for wheelchair users in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Liu, Jingwen (2023) A model to calculate the temporal andspatial distribution characteristics of urban landgreenuseefficiency (ULGUE) in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration. Master thesis.

Locadia, Pablo (2023) Social Housing: Individual Work, Shared Ambition - A case study on Knowledge Exchanges by Housing Corporations. Master thesis.

Lorenzi, Niccolò (2023) The Strait of Messina Bridge: Some geographical evaluations of the most controversial Italian infrastructural project. Master thesis.

Lubańska, Anna (2023) Influence of Decentralisation of Decision-Making Power to the Local Level on Orchestrating Capacity to Govern the Energy Transition in Wind Energy Sector in Poland. Bachelor thesis.

Luijckx, Britt (2023) Let's join together: Community-led development as an instrument in redeveloping military heritage. Master thesis.

Lunshof, Mariëlle (2023) Hubs as destination: How to integrate amenities with hubs in order to increase rural liveability. Master thesis.

Lute, C. (2023) Temporary lease contracts and housing satisfaction across renters of different ages in the Netherlands. Pre-master thesis.

Löwik, Mike (2023) Urban Transportation Policies: a case study on the impact of bus removal from the grote markt on city center accessibility for the elderly in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.


Maas, Marieke (2023) Measuring Perceptual Spatial Quality in Virtual Environments: A Case for the Canal Revitalisation of Historic Gedempte Zuiderdiep, Groningen. Master thesis.

Mac Lean, Michèle (2023) The Groningen Doughnut A study on how the Doughnut Model can be used as an approach for climate adaptation and co-creation in Groningen. Master thesis.

Mackintosh, Stacy (2023) How does risk communication influence the social license to operate of the Eagle LNG gas pipeline in Aruba? Bachelor thesis.

Martin, David (2023) The Remote Revolution: Investigating the Effects of Remote Work Availability on the Residency Preferences of Young College Graduates. Bachelor thesis.

McClements, Aidan (2023) Housing and Transportation in Dublin: A truly sustainable future? Bachelor thesis.

Meer, Marije A. van der (2023) Financial wealth and housing happiness. Master thesis.

Meijer, Rowan (2023) Modernizing the labor union in the region: Contemporary collectivity and decentralization at FNV. Master thesis.

Meinardi, Martine (2023) The signals of money laundering and tax fraud through offshore residential real estate purchases. Master thesis.


Meulenbroek, Luc (2023) ‘Johan Remkes’ the key component bringing actors together. Case study of Johan Remkes boundary spanning activities/strategies in the Dutch Nitrogen crisis. Bachelor thesis.

Mijnheer, Lieke (2023) Gendered Energy Inequality: Understanding the mundane realities of women living in energy poverty in Groningen. Master thesis.

Mor, Gaya (2023) Inclusive Playground Design: Promoting Social Inclusion for Children with Disabilities. Bachelor thesis.

Morsink, Nadi (2023) The influence of Natura 2000 sites on nearby property prices. Master thesis.

Mulwe, C (2023) Rural area flood risk management; understanding the relationship between administrative capacities and flood management in response to floods in Chama district, eastern province, Zambia. Master thesis.


Namutebi, Delilah (2023) Analyzing factors that influence Niger's total fertility rate through poisson regression. Master thesis.

Nandkoemarsing, Anupma (2023) The implementation of child-friendly policies in Rotterdam: The enablers and the barriers. Master thesis.

Nederpelt, Maikel (2023) Factors Influencing Energy Efficiency Investments: a Case Study on Dutch Homeowners. Master thesis.

Nielsen, Elias Harald (2023) Resistance Spreading through Spaces: The Transnational Diffusion Dynamics of Place-based Housing Movements. Bachelor thesis.

Nieuwenkamp, Rebecca (2023) Child-friendly climate governance. Pre-master thesis.

Niewijk, H.J. (2023) Encouraging citizen participation in the energy transition through policy instruments. Bachelor thesis.

Nijboer, W.R.H. (2023) Energy performance policy for Dutch office buildings: Explaining the gap between intended and realised policy outcomes. Master thesis.

Nitu, Dara (2023) Protected bicycle lanes and cyclists’ perceptions of safety: a case study of Groningen and Berlin. Bachelor thesis.

Németh, Márton (2023) Can we bag it better? - What institutional design approaches can be adopted to improve the efficiency of waste collection systems? Bachelor thesis.


Offringa, Ruben (2023) Student Housing Policy, Investor Behavior, and Subtle Shifts in the Composition of Student Housing Supply. Master thesis.

Ohe, Helena Marie von der (2023) From a car-oriented street to a pedestrian zone- Friedrichstraße, Berlin. Bachelor thesis.

Oijen, Thomas van (2023) Ecovillages, local governments, and local sustainability goals in the Netherlands. How two ecovillages potentially contribute to local sustainability goals through invited and invented spaces of participation in Wageningen and Nijmegen. Master thesis.

Olbrich, Marvin (2023) PARADIGM SHIFT IN COASTAL PROTECTION? Understanding the implementation of nature-based solutions: A case study on the Lower Saxony Coastal Protection Agency (NLWKN), Germany. Master thesis.

Oldejans, Lotte (2023) Aging out of place in Enschede. Bachelor thesis.

Onwuachu, N.O. (2023) The Evolving Hubs: Understanding the effectiveness of the concept on the built environment in Groningen and Drenthe. Master thesis.

Oost, Daniël (2023) Using Students pedestrian perceptions of the built environment to asses street-level walkability in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Oosterhout, Stef A. van (2023) Extracting thermal energy from city canals. Master thesis.

Oosterloo, Karlijn (2023) What is the value of a green dwelling? - The heterogeneity in price valuation of EPC labels in The Netherlands -. Master thesis.

Osinga, Folmer (2023) Virtual Proximity: so far away but close enough? Bachelor thesis.

Osinga, Peter (2023) Sustainable Cities through Sustainable Food Systems. Bachelor thesis.

Overbosch, J.R. (2023) Evaluating the Influence of Delivery E-bikes and Scooters on Pedestrian Perceived Safety and Infrastructure Satisfaction in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.


Palermo, Ilaria (2023) Cinema in Piazza: a cultural grassroot initiative as an opportunity for urban resilience. A qualitative study of the open-air movie screening phenomenon in Rome. Bachelor thesis.

Palermo, Ilaria (2023) Friends at a distance. A qualitative analysis of the everyday geographies of stretched out ego-networks. Bachelor thesis.

Pandu Pratama, Kharisma (2023) Towards Tactical Urbanism for Transport - The Exploration of Parklets in Berlin Neighbourhood Streets: Facilitating Active Mobility through Livable Streets. Bachelor thesis.

Pekerti, I.S. (2023) SimJogja: A Spatial Microsimulation Approach to COVID-19 Vulnerability and Impact Assessment of the Local Labour Market. Master thesis.

Perik, Thijs (2023) Post-Growth Planning: moving beyond (economic) growth as a driver for sustainable urban development in Dutch mid-sized cities. A case study in Almelo and Hengelo, the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Pethő, Gréta (2023) Women's Fear of Crime at Bus Stops: The effects of building uses. Bachelor thesis.

Petrášová, Veronika (2023) Satisfaction of stakeholders with collaborative process and boundary-spanning activities - the case of inter organizational collaboration on Smart City projects. Bachelor thesis.

Pipers, Wessel (2023) New act, New gains. Bachelor thesis.

Plieger, Alaïa Yasmin (2023) Digital Technologies and Their Effect on the Efficiency of the Multi-Family Residential Due Diligence Process. Master thesis.

Ploeg, Harmen van der (2023) The Implementation of Energy Transition Measures in Historical Cities. Bachelor thesis.

Popken, Bart (2023) The Right to the Creative City. Master thesis.

Postma, Bram (2023) How economic and demographic drivers influence residential development in the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Price, Melinda (2023) Exploring Housing Satisfaction after Relocation across Different Sociodemographic Groups. Master thesis.

Prosman, M.A. (2023) Operationalising spatial quality for PPGIS. The case of the Lauwersmeer area development process. Master thesis.

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