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Adriaanse, R.T.B. (2019) Green roof adoption in the municipality of Groningen: barriers and opportunities. Bachelor thesis.

Alma, M. (2019) Possibilities for Complex Adaptive Systems in Water Management projects in the province of Groningen. Master thesis.

Almaputri, Diva (2019) Commuting in the Greater Jakarta: Do residential household and socio-economic characteristic of workers alter their commuting behavior? Master thesis.

Annema, N. (2019) Shared Space and the Perceived Safety of Older Adults. Master thesis.

Antonides, A. (2019) Een adaptieve benadering van planning: de technische praktijk in een complexe verandering van waterbeheer in het plan Holwerd aan Zee. Master thesis.

Apotheker, W.T. (2019) "WEIRD" visions of the Global South. Master thesis.

Aries, E. (2019) The Development of Student Housing and the External Effect on Nearby Housing Prices; The Case of Amsterdam. Master thesis.

Aukema, Derk (2019) De beslissing om al dan niet over te gaan tot herontwikkeling van winkelcentra; een analyse naar de invloed van omgevingsfactoren. Master thesis.

Ausma, I.Y. (2019) The impact of Socio-economic Status on Self-assessed Health in Switzerland. Bachelor thesis.

Ausma, Yaron, I (2019) The impact of Socio-economic Status on Self-assessed Health in Switzerland. Bachelor thesis.


Bakker, R. (2019) Building Sustainable Coalitions in the Dutch Energy Transition. Master thesis.

Bartels, D.F. (2019) Understanding why blockchain technology adoption rate lags in Real Estate markets when compared to several major sectors: A mixed-methods approach with qualitative and quantitative data. Master thesis.

Batterink, H. (2019) Building with Nature in de stad: Oplossing voor een vitale, veilige en welvarende deltastad? Bachelor thesis.

Beelen, D. van (2019) Rural car dependency in a mobile world. Bachelor thesis.

Belder, C. (2019) Living with Water: Building on water for safety in regard to climate change. Bachelor thesis.

Bergsma, J. (2019) International students and the local economy. Bachelor thesis.

Berkenbosch, Karst (2019) Outing of affection in public: how place shapes the perceived appropriateness of outing of affection in public space by young heteros and non-heteros in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Bethlehem, R. B. (2019) Understanding the decision-making process and the stakeholders in multinationals relocations. Master thesis.

Bister, Lara (2019) Maternity leave durations and the relevance of selection: A demographic approach to maternal health outcomes after maternity leave for first-time mothers in Germany. Master thesis.

Blasweiler, B. (2019) The challenge of active mobility. How to motivate commuters to use active mobility? Bachelor thesis.

Boersma, F. (2019) Public transport and downtown improvement: a Phoenix case-study. Master thesis.

Boertien, R.E. (2019) Car-sharing in Drenthe: A GIS-based approach to explore the potential. Bachelor thesis.


Bon, J.B. van (2019) Aotearoa; New Zealand: old culture in a new country. Bachelor thesis.

Boomsma, Y.D. (2019) Adapting to heat in the 21st century - Lessons from Dubai and Phoenix. Master thesis.

Boon, J.C. (2019) The Effect of Uncertainty incorporated in Land Lease contracts on the Transaction Price of Residential Properties in Amsterdam - a hedonic analysis. Master thesis.

Bos, A.J. (2019) Nieuw beleid, nieuwe energie. Bachelor thesis.

Bos, M.D. (2019) Adaptief Bouwen; De invloed van Floodproof bouwen op het wooncomfort van bewoners. Bachelor thesis.

Bouma, A.E. (2019) The mismatch on the market for industrial sites in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Bouma, A.H. (2019) Capturing solar energy in non-highway road infrastructure projects: Stimulating market involvement in the planning phase of integrated projects. Master thesis.

Bouma, H.C. (2019) Smart game, smart rules - Exploring the institutional design of the smart electricity system. Master thesis.

Bouman, Anne Geertje (2019) De Omgevingswet, het samenspel tussen overheden. Bachelor thesis.

Brink, K. ten (2019) Groningse uitwisselingsstudenten naar een buitenlandse universiteit: een kwestie van geld? Bachelor thesis.

Brinkhof, Guus (2019) Van Zuiderzee tot IJsselmeer, van IJsselmeer tot... Bachelor thesis.

Briones, Samuel (2019) Everyday technology and capabilities in later life: experiences of older adults living with mild cognitive impairment and subjective cognitive decline in Barcelona. Master thesis.

Bron, T. (2019) In het buitenland studeren leidt tot hogere kosten/uitgaven. Feit of fabel? Bachelor thesis.

Brouwer, E.W.K. (2019) The impact of school closures on rural villages in the Northern Netherlands. A precursor of demographic decline? Master thesis.

Brouwer, R. (2019) Risicoallocatie binnen een Publiek-private Samenwerking in de Infrastructuur. Bachelor thesis.

Brécheteau, J.J.E. (2019) Towards flood resilient urban areas; a multiple case study. Master thesis.

Buiskool, Anniek (2019) Relatie tussen activiteiten en beleving van recreanten op Schiermonnikoog. Bachelor thesis.

Buiter, A.T. (2019) Entrepreneurial Ecosystemen: Analyse van het entrepreneurial ecosysteem voor startup- en scale-up ondernemingen in de regio Groningen. Master thesis.

Bult, Thom (2019) Case study dike reinforcement 'Stadsdijken Zwolle': collaboration and integration in dike reinforcement. Bachelor thesis.

Busscher, Jesper (2019) Revitalisation of old industrial sites, a case study of the Suikerterrein in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.


Cantrijn, M.L.A (2019) The consequences of smoking to mortality rates of Scotland and England. Bachelor thesis.

Cassee, M.A. (2019) Has the value of residential energy labels increased - A quantitative approach to the change in value of energy labels labels between 2008-2018 for dwellings in the province of Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. Master thesis.

Cheng, Chen (2019) Automation and the Relatedness of Jobs in European Regions. Master thesis.

Claus, W. (2019) De Omgevingswet, een intensivering van de samenwerking? Bachelor thesis.

Cnossen, Jelmer (2019) Coming soon (?): Adaptivity in Dutch planning. Examining the adaptive capacity of the Dutch Environmental Planning Act (Omgevingswet) of 2021. Master thesis.

Cramer, L.M. (2019) Scenarios for future development of smart mobility: A case study of the opportunities for MaaS in the city of Groningen. Master thesis.


Daggenvoorde, W.J. (2019) Waar leggen we de grens? Een onderzoek naar mogelijke overgangszones tussen natuur- en landbouwfuncties. Master thesis.

Dahmen, H. (2019) Towards the adaptive capacities of cities. Bachelor thesis.

Deelstra, T. (2019) Hoe beleid op verkeersonveiligheid anticipeert. Bachelor thesis.

Deterd, M.C. (2019) De invloed van de Markthal Rotterdam op woningwaardes in de omgeving. Master thesis.

Dijksterhuis, Rosan (2019) Having a negative attitude towards the European Union without having basic knowledge of the European Union itself. Bachelor thesis.

Dohle, Caspar (2019) Hot town summer in the city. Towards an integrated approach. Master thesis.

Dortmont, T.A. (Tim) van (2019) De institutionele weg naar een robuust watersysteem in de omgeving van de Veluwe. Bachelor thesis.

Dragomir, Irina Sarah (2019) “The building at the outskirts of history”: The development of place-meaning and place attachment to the Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania. Master thesis.

Drent, N. (2019) Een leven lang wonen in een krimpgebied. Bachelor thesis.

Duenk, M. (2019) Improving Smart Mobility implementation in the Netherlands through institutional design - A case study to the Dutch Smart Mobility-programme SmartwayZ.NL. Master thesis.

Duijvendak, Owen (2019) Two Case studies of the extent to which the economic situation of a region can predict confidence in democratic institutions. Bachelor thesis.


Ee, S. (2019) What drives REIT returns? Master thesis.

Ehrlander, A.C. (2019) When internet and real life meet: women, internet dating and perception of fear. Bachelor thesis.

Ekkelkamp, G.J. (2019) Managen van sociale complexiteit. Master thesis.

Elbers, A.B.A.M. (2019) De executie van een veilingplatform? Master thesis.

Elverdink, S. (2019) Determining Transformative Leaders in the Energy Transition: a Value-based Approach to Leadership. Master thesis.

Elzinga, D. (2019) Moving Minds - What shapes students’ European identity and how does European identity influence students’ future intra-European mobility? Bachelor thesis.


Feenstra, Jouke (2019) Natuurbeheer onder de nieuwe Omgevingswet: Van overzichtelijk naar ongestructureerd? Bachelor thesis.

Feitsma, D.H. (2019) Product innovation in PPP infrastructure projects. Bachelor thesis.

Fine, N. (2019) The value of actual energy performance in the Dutch private residential sector: A quantitative approach. Master thesis.

Fobel, L. (2019) Exclusion and Old Age - An environmental perspective on social exclusion in later life in Germany. Master thesis.


Gennip, D.K. van (2019) Tigers and tiger cubs: an analysis of suicide rates in East and Southeast Asia. Bachelor thesis.

Gersonius, N. (2019) The need for family-housing in Dutch city centres. Master thesis.

Geurtsen, Y. (2019) MaaS – How it can replace the (private) car in the Northern Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Ghenam, Sofiane (2019) Can community ownership improve the public acceptance of large-scale wind farm developments in the Netherlands? Master thesis.

Glastra, D.Y. (2019) Against all odds: where do people start firms? Investigating less tangible determinants of new firm formation in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Glastra, D.Y. (2019) Hydrogen energy applications for the built environment: the missing link in the energy transition? Master thesis.

Gold, Stefan (2019) Conceptualizing a Framework for Successful Integration of Social Media into Flood Risk Management in Germany. Master thesis.

Goodijk, J.D. (2019) Explaining cost overrun in infrastructure projects. Master thesis.

Goodman, Joshua (2019) Shaping cool places with ‘third spaces’- What is the relationship between place, technology and students within Groningen’s night-time economy? Master thesis.

Gorens, M. M. M. (2019) Perceptions about hormonal contraceptives. Bachelor thesis.

Graff, M.E. (2019) Social Acceptance in the Regional Energy Strategy (RES). Master thesis.

Groenewold, R.H. (2019) Realizing solar power projects; a perspective on creating solar parks by the municipalities from the province of Groningen. Master thesis.

Groote, Koen de (2019) Het bewustmaken van studenten hun invloed op de beperkte toegankelijkheid voor mindervaliden in de binnenstad van Groningen. Master thesis.



Haan, A. H. de (2019) Design Thinking in waterproblematiek. Bachelor thesis.

Haanstra, D.P. (2019) Neighbours in the Omgevingswet; securing third party's interests in the Omgevingswet of 2021. Master thesis.

Haar, D. van der (2019) Who takes the lead in battling climate change? A case study in the northern part of the Netherlands regarding civic sustainable place-based initiatives in urban and rural environments. Master thesis.

Haas, C. I. de (2019) Student is welkom in de wijk, niet in de straat. De invloed van studentificatie op plaatsverbondenheid. Pre-master thesis.

Haasjes, H.J. (2019) Climate Campus Zwolle: Een studie over cluster-externaliteiten. Master thesis.

Haaze, Yorick J. (2019) Shared Space: wel of niet? De beweegredenen van Nederlandse gemeenten om met het oog op de verkeersveiligheid wel of niet te kiezen voor Shared Space. Bachelor thesis.

Habdank, Janis (2019) Exploring the barriers and opportunities of the trend towards autonomous shipping. Master thesis.

Hansen, E.F. (2019) The relationship between maternal smoking during pregnancy and obesity among German children. Bachelor thesis.

Hartman, P. (2019) Understanding the role of the planner within climate change adaptation in the city of Groningen. Master thesis.

Haveman, W.G. (2019) Boundary spanning voor de ontwikkeling van duurzame energie. Master thesis.

Heegstra, Cornelis (2019) SELF-ORGANIZATION IN THE ENERGY TRANSITION Barriers, opportunities and ways of getting things done. A case study of Zonnewal-Oostwold. Master thesis.

Heeres, R. (2019) Bewoners en Bezoekers op Lytje Pole. Bachelor thesis.

Heibrink, T. (2019) Adaptiviteit in beleid- en planvormingsprocessen op en rond het Zuidlaardermeer. Bachelor thesis.

Heidinger, Ellen Friederike (2019) The impact of family and local ties on internal migration among school graduates in Great Britain. Master thesis.

Heijs, L. (2019) Het ervaren Ruimtelijk Comfort van Gedeelde Ruimte in de Fietshoofdstad van Nederland. Bachelor thesis.

Hempen, M. (2019) Locals' Sense of Texel. Pre-master thesis.

Hendriks, Max (2019) The effect of mobility access on house prices in urban, suburban and rural areas within the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Hermes, S. (2019) An enquiry concerning micro apartment acceptance. Bachelor thesis.

Hert, R. van der (2019) The Geography of University-Industry Technology Transfer. Master thesis.

Hertog, M. den (2019) Noise Pollution and Residential Property Prices- Announcement Effects of an Expansion of Lelystad Airport. Master thesis.

Heuvel, C. van den (2019) Influencing subconscious behaviour to reduce litter in public space in the Northern Netherlands. Master thesis.

Hofman, D. (2019) Transit Oriented Development and the Valley Metro Rail. Master thesis.

Hofstra, Maaike (2019) Cultureel erfgoed, een indicator voor de toekomstbestendige aanloopstraat? Master thesis.

Hoogenboom, Tobi (2019) The contribution of lifestyle factors – smoking, obesity and alcohol – to state mortality differences in the United States. Master thesis.

Hopman, H. R. (2019) De waardering van leegstand bij kantoren. Naar een objectievere correctie van de verkrijgingsfictie voor de WOZ-waardering. Master thesis.

Houwelingen, Rowan van (2019) Out of business: A quantitative approach to determine the effect on residential property prices when business areas disappear within their vicinity. Master thesis.

Houwing, Bas (2019) Critical Success Factors for Public Private Partnerships at small local governments in the Netherlands: A case study on Noordenveld and Appingedam. Bachelor thesis.

Hulsman, T. (2019) Overlast door dagtoerisme. Bachelor thesis.

Hutten, D. (2019) The influence of living in a socially-mixed neighborhood on the well-being of inhabitants with different levels of income. Bachelor thesis.


Immelman, J.A. (2019) Planning Informed by Culture. Master thesis.


Jaakke, Jurgen (2019) The Effect of Prison Proximity on House Prices. Master thesis.

Japenga, J.A. (2019) Fishery-dependent communities turning to tourism: relational thinking as a regional development strategy. Master thesis.

Jong, E. de (2019) GELUIDSOVERLAST OP DE GROENE STER. Bachelor thesis.

Jong, Rolf de (2019) Participation in solar field development. Master thesis.

Jonker, Tom (2019) Large Redevelopment Initiatives: The effect of redeveloping office stock into housing on surrounding house prices in an urban setting. A case study in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Master thesis.


Kaap, M. van der (2019) Gedragsverandering door middel van DRIP's. Bachelor thesis.

Kammen, Fokke van (2019) The role of facilitation within living labs in the Netherlands. Master thesis.


Kats, M.E.R. (2019) Physical Activity of Children and Adolescents: The relationship between socioeconomic status and physical activity levels of children and adolescents. Bachelor thesis.

Kellij, S.A. (2019) Urban-rural differences in childhood overweight. Bachelor thesis.

Kienhuis, E.A.M. (2019) Aantrekkelijkheid heeft een prijs: Een waardevolle blik op het “groene” energielabel. Master thesis.

Kip, T.T. (2019) Ultieme participatie: Een voucherprogramma als alternatief op traditionele regionale stimuleringsprogramma's. Master thesis.

Klein, T.H. (2019) Urban Planning by referendum: Evaluating the outcome of the 2014 Tempelhofer Feld referendum in Berlin and exploring current visions on the Tempelhofer Feld. Bachelor thesis.

Kleinhuis, A.J. (2019) De groeiende luchthaven naast de stad - geluidsperceptie als instrument in de dialoog voor luchthavenontwikkeling. Bachelor thesis.

Klimp, D. (2019) Een stad met twee kanten van het spectrum | Almere. Bachelor thesis.

Klinkien, M. (2019) Grandparenting and fertility: the role of spatial differences in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Klooster, J. (2019) The evaluation of the educational experience by international students at the University of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Kochan, V.C. (2019) Collaboration between Nature Conservation and Tourism. Master thesis.

Koedijk, H.L.M. (2019) The role of public-private cooperation in the transition towards a new socio-technical system based on sustainable city logistics: an analysis of initiatives in historical G40 cities in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Koens, A.R. (2019) Voor niets gaat de zon op: Een onderzoek naar het toekomstperspectief van lokale energiecoöperaties en de daaraan verbonden zon- en windprojecten in de provincie Groningen. Master thesis.

Koers, G.J. (2019) Climate information - A potential stepping stone towards enhancing urban pluvial flood resilience? Master thesis.

Kooi, B.J. (2019) LOST YOUR WALLET, LOST YOUR PHONE, NOW EVERYTHING IS GONE Perceptions of risk by tourists: An Amsterdam study. Bachelor thesis.

Kooi, S. van der (2019) De UNESCO-status als reismotief voor Amelandbezoekers? Bachelor thesis.

Koopman, J. (2019) Sociaal isolement bij ouderen als gevolg van unsicherheit. Bachelor thesis.


Koudenburg, R. (2019) Een haven van adaptiviteit. Bachelor thesis.

Kraaijeveld, T. (2019) The influence of Airbnb on chances for first time buyers. Bachelor thesis.

Krottje, Irina, I.S. (2019) The blindness of those who see: A Case Study on the Perceived Mobility and Inclusion of Blind and Partially Sighted People. Bachelor thesis.

Kruiswijk, L. (2019) Limits of the Unit: The Perception of Dutch Citizens on Gender Norms in the Armed Forces, Comparing Urban and Rural Areas. Bachelor thesis.

Kuipers, J.H. (2019) De invloed van een spoorverbinding op de vervoerskeuze van scholieren en studenten. Master thesis.


Laar, C.G. van (2019) Regional inequality and the populist vote. Bachelor thesis.

Lammers, E. (2019) Heat transition Groningen. Master thesis.

Langkamp, D. R. (2019) Domestic and Foreign Investors in the Residential Real Estate Market - A Quantitative Approach. Master thesis.

Lankhorst, A. (2019) Do trees improve the subjective quality of the physical environment? Pre-master thesis.

Lanting, Elisa (2019) "Are people too old for that?". Bachelor thesis.

Leithäuser, Henner (2019) Engaging in Local Ecological Knowledge Integration – An Ethnographic Approach to Understanding Social-Ecological System Change. The Case of the Tam Giang Lagoon, Vietnam. Master thesis.

Lier, Freek (2019) Income Inequality Is Everybody’s Problem. Master thesis.

Lodeweges, B.D. (2019) Following the money of international students. Bachelor thesis.

Loos, H.S. (2019) Gasless Groningen. Master thesis.


Manshanden, F.J. (2019) REIT behavior during times of uncertainty: An analysis of the Brexit. Master thesis.

Mante, Maurice (2019) The influence of migrant populations on radical right voting. Bachelor thesis.

Meer, E.Z. van der (2019) Working towards the Circular Economy An analysis of the drivers, barriers and challenges experienced by circular entrepreneurs located in the Northern Netherlands. Master thesis.

Meijer, M.P. (2019) Studentenverenigingen en de overlast die hun buren ervaren. Bachelor thesis.

Mensinga, P.I. (2019) How to improve collaborations between civil society organisations and their partners to benefit girls education. Bachelor thesis.

Merten, Markus (2019) An investigation of sailing activities as a possible pathway for marine plastic litter in the southern North-Sea region. Master thesis.

Merx, Derk (2019) De transitie naar een CO2-Neutraal elektriciteitssysteem: hoe kan het elektriciteitsnetwerk klaar gemaakt worden voor 2050? Master thesis.

Meulen, Leon van der (2019) De ruimtelijke verstedelijking van Noord-Nederland sinds 1950. Master thesis.

Mgwebi, Thabile Z. (2019) Implementation in a Transition. Master thesis.

Michorius, J.F.M. (2019) The influence of place attachment on return migration towards rural areas. Bachelor thesis.

Minkes, M. (2019) The awareness of Terschellingers of their coastal defense. Bachelor thesis.

Minkes, Marit (2019) The awareness of Terschellingers of their coastal defense. Bachelor thesis.

Mulder, T.T. (2019) How have housing associations in the city of Groningen translated contemporary housing market trends and regulations into effective housing strategies? Master thesis.

Müller, Ole J. (2019) Sources of Marine Plastic Pollution: Searching for hotspots and the role of harbours in marine plastic pollution at the Dutch Wadden Sea Coast. Master thesis.


Naber, M.H. (2019) Development or decrease? A research about the relationship between population development and the development of jobs per 1000 inhabitants in the municipalities within a range of 30 kilometers of the municipality of Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Netten, Minke van (2019) Managing complexities and governance practices in heritage towns - Governance recommendations for heritage town Orvelte based on management practices from UNESCO heritage towns. Master thesis.


Nijholt, R. (2019) Conservation through adaptive reuse in Oberschöneweide, Berlin. Bachelor thesis.

Nijhuis, B.J. (2019) Kostenafwijkingen tijdens het bouwproces: een kwestie van budgetteren of van beheersen? Master thesis.


Noya, S. (2019) Refugees and asylum seekers: housing policy and integration. Bachelor thesis.

Noya, S. (2019) Refugees and asylum seekers: housing policy and level of integration. Bachelor thesis.

Nugraha, Agung Tri (2019) Social media in the planning and conflict: the case of ForBALI movement against Benoa Bay reclamation plan. Master thesis.


Okosun, Gladys (2019) The degree of attractiveness of mixed use investments from the perspective of (Dutch) institutional investors. Master thesis.

Oostendorp, R. G. (2019) Attitudes towards immigration in Germany and the United Kingdom: differences and the role of immigration policy context. Master thesis.

Osswald, Felix (2019) Beyond wind, sand and marram grass. Drawing lessons from Denmark and the Netherlands for dynamic dune management on the island of Sylt (Germany). Master thesis.

Oukes, C.J.G. (2019) Pathways to resilient spatial planning in flood risk management: The barriers and opportunities for flood resilient spatial planning. A cloud-to-coast analysis of Dordrecht and the IJssel-Vecht Delta. Master thesis.


Parise, N. (2019) The influence of mobility cultures in the travel behaviour of international students – The case of Groningen, Netherlands. Pre-master thesis.

Paters, T.N. (2019) TOWARDS A RAINPROOF CITY A comparative analysis between Arnhem, Groningen and Zwolle on pluvial flood resilience. Master thesis.

Peereboom, D. (2019) The prospect of car sharing. Master thesis.

Peng, J. (2019) Improving sustainable stormwater management from a governance perspective: a case study of the sponge city program in Yibin City, China. Master thesis.

Philips, S.R. (2019) Public-private partnerships: the influence of contractual and relational conditions on external stakeholder management. Master thesis.

Plegt, M.H. (2019) Reduced capability deprivation through education? An exploratory study among young adults in the Veenkoloniën, the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Podday, Laura (2019) Urban Living Labs and Civic Self-organization. Master thesis.

Poerschke, Björn (2019) Life Expectancy Inequalities between Natives and Migrants in the Netherlands – Effects of Mortality Differentials and Selection. Master thesis.

Pohle, P.J. (2019) Academic success and persistence in higher education: A motivational orientation approach. Bachelor thesis.

Polfliet, S. (2019) The fear of sexual harassment of young women in public places in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Post, Tomas (2019) A complex adaptive system perspective on flood risk management: A case study in the municipality of Leeuwarden. Master thesis.

Postma, J.P. (2019) Verhuisgedrag onder Jongvolwassenen: In hoeverre spelen natuurlijke dreigingen een rol? Bachelor thesis.

Pot, Edo (2019) The Frisian flag as a symbol for Frisian identity. Master thesis.

Pries, H.W. (2019) Hittestress op de Grote Markt. Bachelor thesis.

Puister, Charlotte (2019) The quality of school life: a research on the influence of the physical school environment on the quality of school life of secondary school students in the Netherlands. Master thesis.

Puister, D. (2019) Insel Ihrer Träume: The role of branding in tourist motives on Borkum. Bachelor thesis.

Pullara, Avery S. (2019) Exploring the Influence of Leisure Participation on Subjective Well- Being and Place Belonging: The role of leisure opportunities and personality. Master thesis.


Ragetlie, F.E.W. (2019) Het effect van erfpacht op de huizenprijzen in de vier grootste Nederlandse steden. Master thesis.

Rahmasari, E. S. (2019) Institutional Arrangements to Achieve quitable Transit Oriented Development (Case Study: Surabaya, Indonesia). Master thesis.

Rauh, L.H. (2019) WHO DECIDES AT SEA? A case study research on stakeholder participation in Marine Spatial Planning during Dutch offshore wind energy development. Master thesis.

Reinders, M.P. (2019) Study satisfaction according to students A comparative study of student satisfaction regarding higher education systems between universities of Athens, Groningen and Leeds. Bachelor thesis.

Richter, C. (2019) Sense of Place Oerol - De invloed van Oerol op 'Sense of Place'. Bachelor thesis.

Rijkeboer, Marlies (2019) Living Laboratories, de experimentele stad als fundering voor de klimaatbestendige toekomst? Bachelor thesis.

Ringnalda, S. (2019) The New Geography of Discontent: Building and explaining an Indicator that captures the extent of perceived Discontent among Europeans. Master thesis.

Rouw, A. de (2019) Sibling's influence on the cognitive development of a child. Bachelor thesis.

Rozeboom, D. (2019) ‘’Subjective Happiness and Areas Left Behind: Which factors matter?’’ A Case Study of North-East Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Rozen, J.A. de (2019) Coastal Protection: Delfzijl vs. Emden. Bachelor thesis.

Ruikes, D.C. (2019) Drijfveren en sociale impact van bewoners initiatieven - Een onderzoek naar wandelgroepen in de gemeente Assen. Master thesis.


Saez, Agathe (2019) A Step Forward: The reciprocal affect of pedestrian experiences on urban policies. Pre-master thesis.

Sander, F.J.D. (2019) The spatial mismatch of minority groups, a case study in Phoenix. Master thesis.

Sassen, B. (2019) Changes in the anticipation effects of the Noord-Zuid metro line in Amsterdam on nearby house prices. Master thesis.

Schaafsma, S.J. (2019) Commute or stay put: Do Dutch people move to the Big 4 Cities in the Netherlands for better accessibility to the workplace. Bachelor thesis.

Schepen, R.S. van (2019) The Frisian mienskip: who takes the lead? - A qualitative research on place leadership in improving liveability in the province of Fryslân. Master thesis.

Schilder, Maurits Christiaan (2019) A comparison between location effects on the price of Airbnb listings and Hotel rooms. Master thesis.

Schlooz, M. (2019) De relatie tussen veiligheidsperceptie en tijd-ruimtegedrag van jongvolwassenen. Bachelor thesis.

Schmidt, D.K.B. (2019) Encouraging commuters to Groningen to use the e-bike instead of the car. Bachelor thesis.


Schreuder, Willemijn (2019) Youth participation in climate change policy-making. Bachelor thesis.

Schuil, S. (2019) Dark Sky Heritage: Perceptions of local dairy farmers on a 'Dark Sky Park' for the Wadden Sea region. Bachelor thesis.

Schuitema, B. (2019) De Effecten van Culture shock op het Gevoel van Fysieke Onveiligheid: Een Kwalitatief Onderzoek op Indiase Studenten in Groningen. Bachelor thesis.

Schulte, Tom (2019) Closing distribution centers: impact analysis based on economic characteristics. Bachelor thesis.

Schweikert, M. (2019) Building local environmental and social synergies by employing circular economy in waste management - a case study on the Dutch island of Terschelling. Master thesis.

Semplonius, N. (2019) The Influence of companies on the Urban-Rural Divide in the North of the Netherlands. Bachelor thesis.

Simon, A. V. (2019) ‘Demographic literacy’ and its influence on German Millennials’ capability to make judgements and take voting decisions during the elections of the European Parliament 2019. Master thesis.

Sinderen, Maarten van (2019) Seeking innovation in D&C contracts. Master thesis.

Sinke, J.M. (2019) The impacts and integration of civic initiatives on municipal climate adaptation policy in Rotterdam. Pre-master thesis.

Sippens Groenewegen, Y.W. (2019) Agglomeratievoordelen en onzekerheden in het projectmanagement van kleinschalige energiecoöperaties. Bachelor thesis.

Slochteren, F. van (2019) Een plek voor de keet? Bachelor thesis.

Slomp, D.P. (2019) Negative Micro-Externalities of Purpose-Built Student Accommodations. Master thesis.

Slooten, H. van (2019) Airbnb and Tourism Gentrification: Implications in the Milanese Context. Master thesis.

Sluis, J. van der (2019) Nudging als interventiemethode van de planoloog. Master thesis.

Smeenge, W. F. (2019) Integrated Service Areas: The experience of the independently living elderly in Hengelo and Peel en Maas. Master thesis.

Smit, D.P. (2019) Reducing car dependency in Italy. Master thesis.

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